Trappers (Not tending to fish traps)

This is a weird issue, as the trappers -did- tend to fish traps and actually brought home the bacon (the fish food) and even collected kelp and such from the water sources (lakes, etc.), however…

I’m not sure which update pooched it, BUT…

They no longer tend to the fish traps and no matter which faction I play, nadda. The fish just thrashes about in that wooden trap, for… days, weeks, to the point my hearthlings revere the scale thing as a fish god, an immortal! All silliness aside, I can only assume it’s a bug, or maybe the function was turned off in a patch?

I’m kinda new here, but I’m playing the latest stable release, no mods…

Maybe it’s a unique bug and I’m crazy >.> or maybe not.

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Hmm… and now they are tending to the fish traps. I feel like an idiot now, my apologies and please disregard my previous post (which I’ll delete.).

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I tried to delete my post, seems I don’t have permission. If a mod would, please delete these three posts. >.> Seems I failed to notice the trappers have been fixed. Thanks in advance.

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No worries, mate!

Always report things, it is for the best :slight_smile:

Trappers can get really busy (especially if you’re also using my Trapper+ mod) and sometimes they take a while to go after certain tasks… but hopefully they will :joy:

But always report issues, even if they proven themselves false… sometimes they’re not and it’s good advice :slight_smile:

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Seems my confusion was partially justified, the trappers for Ascendacy (sp) one a Master L.6 the other a L.2 ignored three fish traps which had fish in them, adding to that the Herbalist refused to build any more Empty Bee Skeps… which they did prior. Might be a Ascendacy AI issue, as the Rayya faction seemed to work. Of course the fish issue can be a biome situation…

I’ll start a new Ascendacy game in the sand biome, see if that is indeed the issue (grant it might be awhile till I get a trapper set up.)

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It’s actually related to the transforming (the system used by those things; fish traps and bee skeps) AI priority. It’s not really broken, but just very low priority and then when a game starts having more and more things to do (lots of hauling, crafting, eating, talking, etc…) these things start to bog down.

I’ve recently experienced that in my own personal game and already added a fix to the ACE todo list. We’ll be increasing the transform priority a lot, perhaps more than crafting - considering that transform is usually only needed in pinpoint specific times, it shouldn’t be an issue.

If you close down workshops (open the workshop and click the “Open” sign) of the respective hearthlings and maybe untick other jobs (Builld and Mine) and give them some time, they might end up doing those things. Calling alarm (R key) and then cancelling is also a good way to “refresh” what people are going to do and might work after doing those things.

Of course this is not optimal, so we’ll change the priorities :merry: but for now this (and some patience) is how you can try to make it work, it’s not really broken, just stupidly set up by us :joy: sorry

Well, the bee skeps aren’t a big issue, I just use the console when it bugs, but I did check the sand biome. Ascendency trappers were right on top of it and check the fish traps in sand biome, but in my dark forest biome they ignore the traps. And yes, I did have build and haul turned off, and I watched the trappers queues, they were checking the normal trap areas like crack fiends >.>

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I may have figured something out. The trappers in the sandy (Rayya) biome (playing as Ascendacy) refused to check fish traps in the monolith water hole (that giant rectangle with a gold spot in the center of it’s head?) Apparently trappers don’t see certain water sources as a source of fish even if the fish are present. It’s not a distance issue or trapper to settler and back issue, tried both.

I’m stumped, but figured I’d try to help figure it out. Think I’ll take a break from figuring out the fish debacle, went to bad last night dreaming of fish gods!

Well, pretty sure it’s nothing like that because fish traps are simply entities evolving into the captured fish version every now and then (using the same logic trees use to grow), but can only be placed on water, giving the user the impression that they are catching fish but not really having any meaningful connection to the water body.

The only thing I can think about from what you said is that perhaps they can’t reach the traps if the water there is slightly lower than other water bodies. I remember we increased the interaction range not long ago but can’t really remember if we did so with all the captured fish versions, so that would explain them not going to harvest the traps. I’ll take a look at that tomorrow!

Good luck figuring it out, I’ll try again later tonight. The monolith water… thing, was a tad deeper than the oasis, the dark woods save might have been deep as well. Though the desert save, I did notice that the trappers did continue minding the fish traps in the oasis, and not the monolith, that may have been the issue.