Trap and turret bug

Want to start by saving loving the game! I played for 15 hours or so in an earlier alpha about a year ago and have been waiting for some free time to come back and play the latest build. I’ve been trying out building fortifications with turrets and traps and think I’ve found a bug. I have only 3 turrets placed and 5 traps but my count is at 4 and 6 respectively. I noticed that there is an outline of a trap that I thought I had long since removed and sold and remember that I had an old turnip shooter that I also removed that was placed on top of a wall with a roof that I destroyed. Wondering if there’s a way to toggle through active turrets/traps and if not a way to reset the counters.
I’ll add that I’m playing on hard and finding the later stages of the campaign bordering on impossible. Not sure if this is intentional, but I managed to get to the General Gong stage and the army that spawns seems manageable but then when they come to attack my village, they get 2 or 3 additional spawns as they are charging and when they reach my camp their army is at 25-30 orcs/archers/healers (not including the soldiers still at their base). I have 4 knights, 3 archers, a footman and 3 clerics, all max level and my army gets eviscerated. I’m adding this here since this is the reason I decided to try building additional fortified structures and try to lure the army into the defenses for extra firepower. Also wondering if other people have had similar experiences.

edit: I had tried reloading my game once before but this time it worked. I reloaded and an error message came up and now the counts are back to normal. Comment about campaign difficulty still stands

That might be because there are random encounters apart from the campaigns, that also scale in difficulty, and just happened to spawn at the same time that the one from the gong started to go to your town.

25-30 sounds a little too much. If you still have the savefile, you can upload it and we’ll take a look at it. Might be a bug, although it is in hard mode :thinking: