Dev-Build 2960 Experience after 4 hours

So I’m pretty far into the game as I’m working on a pretty ambitious city which mainly focuses on bridge pathways and a huge tower being the center hub for all resources.

There’s a lot of building that goes into it so I have to keep my builders safe. Kobolds. Mainly from kobolds. None of this is built with the ib command. I enjoy the satisfaction of watching them build properly.


Combat Fixes
From what I can tell, troops react accordingly to where you tell them to go and don’t defect when they’re sleepy or hungry. I almost rage quit with the last update. Thankfully that was fixed quickly :smiley:

Less Errors
I feel like I’ve seen quite a few less random error messages being thrown up besides the failed to start project one that’d been plaguing me lately. That one just seems to go off on game load but not really mess with anything gameplay related…I think.

Builders have been building. Mostly. There are a few times I’ve had to remove and restart a build because they stop early in the process but I’d rather have them do that than stop when only 1 layer needs to be finished.


Kobold Archers
WOW are they super cheesy. And by that I mean they constantly run away. Since they’re so fast, they can get a good distance from my army and take pot shots. That’s 1 archer. 4 of them plus 2 (trolls?) big grey dudes are murderous. I never explored the world as much as I have while chasing down these guys.

After-fight Naps
Yup. These are still a thing. some of them will run to a bed, but most find a nice comfortable pile of grass to lay in after a hard fight.

Result of Cheese
Referring back to the Kobold Archers: After they’ve slain about 3 of my swordsmen, I have to start over. Problem is, I can’t really level them up fast enough to keep up with the onslaught of kobold and wolf raids. Goblins have stopped appearing and the other lower level raids have stopped as well so there’s no real way to gain exp to fend them off.

Items not shown in storage or not being placed
This has been around since 2 patches ago. It seems like items placed into big crates have a more difficult time being placed, especially a crate within a crate. Crate-seption is apparently a no go. I don’t seem to have much problem with stone chests though.

Also, if placed right next to each other, bushes can be placed floating in the air.

As well, the market stands are not aligned correctly. If you place them across from each other, facing each other, you can see that 1 or the other is slightly to the (left/right).