Town Walls going red when I click build? is there a max building size?

So I have been trying to build a rather large walled in area with paths however every time I hit build it says Hearthlings cannot figure figure out building and the entire build goes red. While I am building it there are no red parts anywhere. It is however large and has lots of lights, it is meant to contain an entire town with farms etc and look attractive. Anyway really takes the breath out of you when you spend many hours building something that inspires you and have it go red and not be possible. Any advice/solution etc would be most helpful. Thanks.

Usually if everything goes red you have to realise they build from the ground up: there might be somewhere where you clip either Into a floor or existing wall. Do you have a picture of your building?

Ps. When building walls it’s often clever to make multiple peaces, and save them as blueprints, that way you can re use the design another time, or for when your town needs expanding

(you can’t modify an existing building, but you can destroy one, so making a wall out of smaller parts, even if it was only so you could do that is a smart idea)

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when its red then something is in the way OR you painted it red xD (you can insta complete it whit the the red area when you type ib in the console you can open the console whit strg (crtl) and c

So no limit on size of any kind? I am pretty sure its not something in the way as it was a flat cleared area and I checked every area while building. Also while building if the build goes into the landscape it appears red from what I have seen and during this build nothing was red until I hit build, then it was all red. So I think this information is not accurate. Thanks for the console command it worked and placed the build perfect hahaha thanks. still would rather build as it feels a little cheap doing this.

ye but here you go

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