Town of Ibelin A16


Far from their lovely green hills and beautiful woods comes a small group of ascendancy. When looking for new places to settle, they have found a nice place in the region of Ibelin. The leader of the group Balian has decided to settle down and start with building a town.

The start of something beautiful

At the fourth day the town was attacked by wolves but mighty Balian of Ibelin cut them down with help from the peasants


The first walls are standing

Back view


You’re building a sand castle. In the desert. At full scale. I love it! :smiley:


After a hard day building with slabs the main castle building thingy is done.

Front view

Side view (they destroyed a building for the castle again)

7 guys died by starvation building the main castle thingy and 4 guys in combat.

Some epic mid night combat


Starting with building lil town around the castle

Everything looks so little

Ibelin at midnight

view from the castle


Awesome look! : )

Is that sand colored wall/floor with random off color bits standard, or did you do that manually?


I did that manually. It’s some work but better than just one colour.


Well it looks very nice - gonna have to try that myself : ).