Town inventory full all the time problem

I have a few ideas how to fix this.

you could rais the limit.

you could add a setting to automatically sell when you have >x number of items. So if I have >100 eggs the excess automatically gets sold. either immediately or next time you open a shop it could ask if you want to sell your excess items. The limits for each item can be manually set. >500 wood >500 stone >100 flowers

or it could just be based on inventory space instead of Hearthling count.

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I know some people have manually set the limit to infinite, but i am not sure how to set that up, the search feature could likely help you out there.

Otherwise I have to say inventory management is a huge part of this game. I’ve never actually had any issues keeping my inventory in check but i know it can be difficult.

I have 25 guy now, each new guy add more space. here i have 3750 space max.
You cant have more that this number. Why this limit i dunno…
I have to limit your items… 500 of the same item… why ?

The inventory space limit is there to keep the game running at optimal performance. If you were to go too far past that limit, the game would slow down to a drastic level and it would take multiple extra cycles for the game to calculate the next action, because each item in the game takes up a small amount of processing power.
I think the reason your max inventory scales with the number of hearthlings you have is in part because if your computer is able to handle more hearthlings at a time, it would be able to handle a few more items as well, until you reach a point where the game starts acting slow and you stop allowing new hearthlings to join, preventing your item limit from going up and your computer performance getting any slower.

It’s just item management. You can disable the limit completely by editing a file [do a search if you really want to], but it’s highly unrecommended because eventually your computer won’t be able to keep up with the item count.