Too much ore, not enough stone

90% of the mountain is ore, there should be more stone. And you need more stone now when the mason and roads is here. And you cant get enough stone from running around and collecting those stone deposits. I had a hard time finnishing setting a network of roads in my town becouse i could not get enough stone :confused:


I havent encountered this myself yet… I get more stone and sometimes rarely ore o.o


ya i always end up with lots of ea one. maybe just some weird luck idk

Maybe i’m just using my stone up so fast


Possibly, maybe you can start a game, just mine alot (not really playing, just mine alot) aan keep track of your inv. If you notice that you indeed get ALOT of ore and not stone. Try to make multiple screens of your inventory so we can see how much stone you get compared to ore.

weird suggestion maybe.

If you do this make sure you make different stockpiles for ore and stone!

I definitely get a lot more ore than stone. It is a little annoying, but I guess I do prefer the metals over the rocks. It will be even better when we get more uses for metals.

I’m also getting way more ore than stone. It’s making it much harder to get enough stone to build stone building, even when I’m not mining veins.

Additionally, it would be nice if you could tell the blacksmith to “forge all.” It’s awkward to try and count up how much tin I have to tell him to start smelting.


Additionally, it would be nice if you could tell the blacksmith to “forge all.” It’s awkward to try and count up how much tin I have to tell him to start smelting.

You could just say “keep X amount in stock”. That way you don’t have to count. I do that with my weaver. I keep around 5 of each of the different ingredients that way there should always be enough to make items at first.

That way you don’t have to worry about what is/isn’t in stock…really more so when you don’t have any in stock but sounds like that won’t be a problem for a little while :wink:

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I would, but if he doesn’t actually have Gold Ore in a stockpile and he’s got a standing order to keep 5 Gold Ingots in storage, the AI tends to get hung and give up, even if there’s still a lot of other ores to smelt.

Really? For me, both of my Stonehearth world literally have no ore. It’s all gone! :confused:

I do get far to small amount of stone as well some times but it seems rather random to me. But for the most part it is true.

Nice idea, i will try that

I guess it’s like 50/50


Hmm, alright alright, so maybe it’s safe to say that you’re just using alot of stone haha!
Makes my curious what kind of GRAND castles you’ve been building (or just a roadnetwork ofc.)


I think the roads i make take the majority of my stone

Just going to put this out there, you do know that you get more stone from mountains than dirt right?

Of course i know that. But if you look some posts up, i have figured out that i get 50\50 of stone and ore

Yeah, I hope they fix this, would prefer to get more stone but the current trend is more ore than stone. I think the Ore viewns are a good idea on top of random drops but if we can mine downwards efficiently, this well help out desert maps and barren maps in general for a challenge…