Make Mountain Give More STONE

I feel like the mountains when we mine them should give a lot more stone than what they give now. They hardly give any stone for the amount that you mine out and it makes little sense that you get this little.

I think that is because the material:build ratio isnt 1:1. If it were it would make sense that you receive more stone. They probably did this to keep inventory levels at reasonable numbers and cut down on hearthling movement time.


This has pretty much been confirmed as far as I’m aware.

The problem for me is that I like my mountains as backdrops for my town, so if I need to mine a massive amount of stone I don’t want to have to tear down one of the mountains to obtain it. I usually do end up with plenty of stone and ores in the mid-game when I start transforming some of the rocky outcrops into watchtowers, but in the early-game I’m loathe to go mining around in the mountains or the ground because I know I’ll need to make fairly large tunnels (at least compared to the size of the town) in order to obtain the stone I want. If I were more forward-thinking/had more rigid plans for the town layout, I might be able to get all the stone I need by digging out a sewer network or such; but most of the time I like to let my game unfold organically and to let the terrain have a hand in shaping my town… so often the reason that I gravitate towards building near mountains is the very same reason I don’t want to go mining into them.

I wonder if it’s worth exploring “mineshafts” as a very large workbench which can be used to “mine” ores or just stone without damaging the terrain? I know we currently have traders as an inexhaustible supply of materials; but there are times where traders are few and far between, and there’s only so many items you can make for sale. However, I often have a couple of idle hearthlings; if I could put them to work mining without ruining the terrain then that would make it that much easier to build larger-scale towns.

An alternative would be to have two mining orders – one which is quick, busting through the rock with a low drop chance; and one which is more careful so it takes longer but has a 75% or better chance of dropping something. It’s nicer than the “infinite mineshaft” idea in terms of immersion, but might be more cluttered for players…


I’m the only one that buy wood and stone resources?
Place a few market stalls and done. I have 8, so with their random amounts I can buy up to 40 in a single batch.
After I got my traders, I never dig again. (or cut trees)


Good idea :slight_smile: i don’t use the normal market stalls very often mainly because they are pretty lacking for other stuff but that’s a good idea for stone for me :slight_smile:

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mine a 4x4 hole straight down to bedrock, build a ladder to the top and put a mining housing over it. Then branch mine at different height levels.

I havnt tried this personally, but as soon as I get a chance to get back on the game I will!

I love this idea:

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Those stalls are late-game though; I’m thinking in the early-game specifically.

That said, it does work extremely well to simply import all your materials once you have a couple of high-level, high-Mind crafters who can pump out fine items and quickly level up to the more valuable crafts.