Feedback from a casual player

I have been playing this game nightly for the past few weeks. I have my steam setup for the latest builds. I just noticed something that made me stop playing a bit early last night. I decided to get clever and make my whole city in the side of a mountain. Everything was going amazingly well until I decided to decorate the floor of the storage rooms. To do this I used the multicolored roads to make intricate designs in the floor. Then I went to put the storage areas back down and could not. Apparently you cannot put a storage area on a road. Ok not a problem, I will just dig it up and put the storage back down. Once I dug up the storage areas I noticed they were now a step down… Like a pit.

So, long story short, my suggestion and feedback would be: We should have the ability for a worker or mason to use like rock resources to set down plain dirt… to fill in a hole so we can place farms and/or storage areas. The potential upshot is that I could dig holes in the top of a mountain and convert the rock to dirt so that I can place farms…



Welcome to the discourse :smile: or at least the discussion

i believe this has been suggested before, it definitely is something i would love to see!


Also, perhaps our masons could do tile inlays on the floors that you can put storage over

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If you use the floor tool, instead of the road tool, I believe you can put a stockpile on top of it.

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