A17 (3013) Getting Mass Ore with little stone

I am unsure if intended or not, but I am hardly getting much stone from mountains. I am getting stone, yes. However did something change with the frequency of getting Ore from mining rock? The ratio of ore to stone is staggering, and I am seeing less point in the ore veins scattered about. Seems to be like a 4 ore to 1 stone ratio when digging in the mountain.

I have not even hit a vein of ore, and just digging to get stone.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Dig into mountain.
  2. See what results from digging even just a short passage.

Expected Results:
More stone than ore gathered from regular rock.
Actual Results:
More Ore than stone from regular rock.
The drop rate from rock terrain is fine(or well decent), but the ore to stone chance ratio seems off and give not much purpose to the little ore veins you could see and find scattered about. Just the way I see it. Is it suppose to be this way?

I’d expect more ore ratio chance from the veins more than the regular rock terrain. Probably still is highest in those, but seems rather high for regular rock.
EDIT: Might have been 2:1, or even 3x, since I filled a crate almost with little amount of stone to account for each piece. I just know I had more ore than stone like double or almost triple the amount.
Version Number and Mods in use:
A17 3013 Latest

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I’m seeing this bug as well. I have a significant number of crates and chests filled with ore, but little stone.

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I’ve noticed this too. There was an iron vein in the side of the mountain which I told my Hearthlings to go mine, in preparation for when I have a blacksmith. The entire vein could probably have fit inside an 8x8 box, if it was compacted all down, and I ended up with a total of 124 iron ore. It was spread out over probably around a 16x8 area, and I ended up with little stone because of it.

I mean, I’m not complaining, because now all my Footmen and Knights can be armored to the teeth for ages to come.

I was mining for stone for walls, to make sure I wasn’t short, and the iron was just collateral, so I just had to buy stone from Rufus Garrow. He’s a lifesaver. I always buy him out of his ores and stone to make sure I have enough incase I can’t get enough from just mining.

Well… I was talking about non-vein rock. What I mined did not have a vein, and I amounted lots of ore compared to stone. With a vein, it is expected to get more ore than stone. With a non-vein, it I would think is not.

In my case, either the vein was invisible while I mined the rock, or that section of rock just happen to give me 2x or more ore per stone I got from it. Yesterday was an odd one since I was getting all sorts of weird things happening that seem to be rectifying after a computer restart. Namely the invisible part. However there still is not much stone coming from the mountain, or rather I get as much stone from the mountain, as I do dirt.

Something that confuses me. This is all on the Forest map granted. Clay is barely in the forest dirt, which I seem to get =< the amount of stone I get with dirt. Which to me seems like 1/4 the amount I would normally get in the desert for clay. I could understand maybe 1/2 or something like that for clay.

Stone on the other hand I was expecting almost = amount in the very least when not a vein, assuming I didn’t just hit an invisible vein. Today at least I was seeing veins, but still saw some oddities in portions where there was no apparent vein; however I wasn’t looking closely as I was yesterday. More concerned with my building progress.

Still unsure what exactly was going on yesterday…

Yeah, I know and I see what your problem is. I expected to get a whole lot more stone out of that somewhat large area I mined, even though there was a vein there.

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