[A20 - A23] Ore Scarcity

Another tiny little modlet I made, to challenge myself. This one sets the drop chance of all ores (and coal) to zero when mining regular stone. The only way to obtain that stuff now is to find veins in the world to mine, to trade for it, or to loot it from enemies.

Due to the way ore veins are generated, you will never find all ores in just one mountain range. I liked the logistical challenge in it - a reason not to turtle up in a corner behind walls. :slight_smile: Maybe some of you will enjoy it too.

Dropbox Link


Tested this with Alpha 21, appeared to work just fine. Please share any findings to the contrary, if you have them. :slight_smile:


Hard enough to find ore by itself, but sometimes you just have to say :grin: it and go for it. I love a mod that gives me a Challenge.

Tested with Alpha 23, still works on my end.