Anyone know where "mining" drops are determined?

i mean the ore is easy to make, the bars are easy to make…but where is it determined what drops when you mine?

mining_loot_tables is under Stonehearth/Services/Server/Mining. Since it’s in the server folder, I don’t know if it would mess with anything in the game?


There’s also another file for the desert biome, inside stonehearth/data/biome

We had a tutorial on adding mining resources, should still be up to date, I think? : Tutorial: Adding Mining Resources (updated for Alpha 18)


A tutorial even, i am blessed!

now i can go and add the best of all metals:


it!..probably worked because i accidentally made it 20.000 times less likely to drop then stone… -fail-

:smile: For testing you want to go extreme, so there is no lucky involved. After concluding that it works, you balance it out to the values you need.

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Yep, definitely that’s the next thing up once I have time :stuck_out_tongue:
After it works though its time to add AWSOME MYTHRILL STUFF

@Wouter_Sikkema, seems like you’d enjoy this mod: Descendants of Númenor (MOD) (not sure if it’s up to date)

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