About the recent changes in the mining_loot_table

In this new version, the team had changed the drop chances from mined blocks, precisely from mined rocks. The absolute chances are the same, around 2% chance of a stone dropping from a mined rock. Just the numbers used in the code were changed.

This broke one biome (already updated to match the new weights values).

Was this change just to make it easier to read the code? (Before it was really low numbers like 0.05, and values like that are hard to understand, whole numbers like in the new version are much easier to work with)

Or the change was for technical reasons like avoiding using fractioned numbers (maybe code limitation or for performance?)

One thing I also noticed is that we don’t follow a standard. Grass, dirt and ores are using “weight”: 100 for a “no drop” chance, while the rocks were using 25 for it before, and it is 10000 now.

(no problem in it though, just curious if we are going to see other changes in it)


It would make total sense to have it standardised, though I can imagine they played around with numbers until they found settings that ‘felt’ right.

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There is logic to their actions though.

The point of a weighting system is that only the ratios matter. So if you want silver to be twice as common as gold, you give it a number twice as large. Then, no matter what other numbers are thrown into the mix (and modders can easily throw in many unexpected numbers), silver will always be twice as common as gold.

More importantly, you cannot guarantee that the total of all those numbers will always be any given number. Because again, mods can mixin all sorts of additional numbers (either adding new ones or changing old ones).

Also, the exact percentage chance for nothing to drop will vary depending on how much extra stuff is added by mods, the more stuff added, the less chance for nothing to drop (as long as you don’t add in an extra “no drop” chance to counterbalance it out).

I do sort of agree that it would be nice to have a relatively consistent number to start with across multiple tables, but in the end it’s not really necessary and may imply things about the way weighted numbers work that are just wrong.

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That is why I (even though I prefer the new) wondered why they did it, if there is a reason like performance or something else, because the ratios are still the same, it just broke the ratio with some mods using the old values, like your mod.
You used a 0.2 weight for marble mined from rock, which in the new values would practically never drop, as everything else is in the hundreds or thousands now.

The old values were just multiplied by 400, so to have your old drop chances you need a weight 80.

I think they changed some values, but then decided to revert them for the time being.
Maybe they changed the format at that point, but I don’t know the reason (@yshan might know who did it and/or why).

I’m sorry that it broke some mods without notice :sweat:

I just had a look at those numbers right now. The chance of anything at all dropping from a mined rock block is currently 3.5%. Only once in 29 blocks mined. I think they made a mistake and added an extra 0 (10000 instead of 1000) to the chance of no loot dropping. 35% chance of something dropping seems more likely. Once in 3 blocks is about what I remember from previously!

Edit: Actually, nvm. I forgot how many blocks there are in even a small room. One 4x4x4 mining chunk is 64 blocks already, so if you mine a an area with 5x5 of those mining chunks, you get 1600 blocks to chew through. 3.5% rate still spits out roughly an average of 56 blocks, so that’s probably plenty.

Just to clarify. I liked the change. I’m just curious about it. The mods being broken is part of the process, no need to worry. (I guess only 3 mods were affected?)

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Sorry! I changed the loot table base numbers and forgot to tell you all. T_T