Base Mining Loot Table Mixinto

Hi all,

I have been trying to add to the base mining loot table with a mixinto to no avail (I checked my spelling of everything many times, validated the json, checked to make sure I knew what mixintos did exactly, and received no errors). However, I was instead able to add a different mining table to the temperate biome using a mixinto which ended up working. Is there a known issue with trying to use a mixinto with the base mining loot table? I even tried overriding it with no results. The mixinto with the temperate biome mining loot table will work for now, but I’d really like to be able to mixinto the base mining loot table so I get the same results for all biomes. Does anyone have any ideas? Is it a bug?

The base one, used for everything (and then complimented with biome specifics) is at:


The mod which adds the Bastioneers kingdom used a mixinto to add his special minerals into the game. You can look there on how he did it.

I must be doing something dumb, but I already had it exactly like that. I can even confirm that it was loading the mixinto as I found a way to make stonehearth crash (add a mixin to the file you are mixinto-ing). I was able to get that crash to happen and then remove it so I know the file is being mixed. My mixinto file is also the same as the one I am using for the temperate mining table just without the mixin at the top. But no matter what I change the weight of anything to, it doesn’t increase the spawn rate of it. I can confirm the same file does give an increased drop rate when used as the temperate mining table. Any thing else you can think of?

Post your manifest and loot_table here so we can check.

Does the stonehearth.log show any useful information about your errors?