Blacksmith - confusing!

So I love the blacksmith and all the different weapons and armour you can equip your soldiers and workers with. But it’s really task intensive to flip back and forth between inventory screen and item building to calculate what ore i have and what can be made.

when clicking on an item it should say if you have enough materials or not…somehow simplifying what you have in stock and what can be made.

if i am missing an ore to make iron, then the task stays stuck in limbo and blacksmith idles until i either get the ore or i remove the task…so days will go by before i realise my blacksmith has been idle cause im missing one material. everything else in production gets put on hold


I agree that there should be some sort of number on the recipe screen next to the ingredients to indicate how much of that item you have. Good idea OP.


I always are ha special ore dedicated stockpile. That way it takes only a few seconds to see what I have in stock. And personally i only que up things i see i can actually make with what i have in stock.

i agree. we need that calculator thing in alpha 10. when i move mouse to whatever i want to make, there sould come.“you have 2 iron, 4 steel” or something like that

yes exactly!!!

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