Item count cap is KILLING ME!

Please revert the item count cap or drastically increase it, it makes having a wall around the city impossible.

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And also, what do you mean? Why would having a wall cap off the inventory?

I thought making a wall WOULD help with item cap because it uses up resource blocks.

The most common way I deal with item cap is to build more buildings.

As did I but it is coutinging against my item total even when placed

Do you mean that you’ve made many pieces of fence and placed them all around your town? That would, indeed, take quite a chunk out of your item budget. If that’s not what you’re doing, then I have no useful advice for you. But, if that is what you’re doing, either try building custom buildings that are essentially just walls, or use terrain to your advantage. I like rerolling maps until I get a natural bottleneck, but you could easily dig a moat around your city, as well, which would not count against your item limit (and would even give you lots of materials for a potter or blacksmith) and would protect you just as well.

I’ll just add this: using no mods, the world seed 2114328170 should give you an extremely defensible starting position with a modest lake. You see it, a bit above map center? The natural bottleneck will ensure that you don’t need a wall, since enemies will only be able to get to you from one direction. If you’re building the wall for aesthetics, though, this map is of no use to you :smile:

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Sorry, hard to type on mobile. Yes, made nearly 300 pieces of stone fence
and placed it around the town with a few gates. I am still not sure why
they are counting against me but oh well. I will go with the moat/building

Make your stonemason create stone chests and place them where you want. They occupy 2 squares and can fit 64 items in!

That’s true but chests don’t reduce your item count, they just make it easier to organize things. If you’re hitting item cap, then chests are actually worse than stockpiles because a 20x20 stockpile full of items is 400 item count, but putting 400 items in stone chests is at least 407 item count :confounded:

I have done that but constantly pinging the item limit after updating to
the latest build and its messing with everything that going on in the town,
I now have two unfinished buildings - a tavern and a tall townhome that I
cannot force the minions to come back to. They would keep on stopping when
the item limit was hit and eventually just stopped building altogether.

there is a very easy way round this atm, just build your wall using slabs.

aha… I build a step fence using slabs only… maybe that’s why it worked for me fine…

your inventory cap goes up with each additional hearthling