Toms best quotes library


In a high pitched voice, "You don’t care about me!"
Back in his normal voice, “You’re right, I don’t care about you.”
-Tom 2015, on neglecting to fix one side of a chest model.


“I can’t find it…help me Obi Wan.” - Tom 2015


“We don’t want you to see inside the backpack because- oh wait, Yang did add a backpack screen”. - Tom, Dev Stream #61


“You may ask yourself one, two, three, four, yeah twenty by twenty reads better. self, why is the barrel a square.” - Tom, Dev Stream #51


Tonight was a quote gold mine.
“Wow, that’s cold.” - Tom, after I said “You should totally make that into a giant loaf of bread instead of a chest!”

“That did not squeeze it very well at all… yaaaawn”
“What role does bitmap play in the modern world?”
“Go forth! And craft!”

  • Tom 2015

And finally, the origin of squarrel:
“It’s not a barrel… it’s a squarel :laughing:” - as read from a one @harrel03’s comment.

“You’re manipulating me. I don’t like being manipulated.” - Tom 2015


“Code is functioning as intended. It’s a miracle.” -Tom 2015, in a monotonous voice.


“AHHHHHH!” - Tom 2015


“Best stream ever” - Tom 2015 (because wheat worked on the first try)


“This wheat is going to look baller” - Tom 2015
"Come on Zilla, you’re ginger jokes are usually on point, but that one was just bad" - Tom 2015


“My self esteem is restored.” - Tom 2015 (After fixing the small problem with wheat)

“Fields of baller wheat” - Tom 2015


“Cluck, Cluck, Cluck” - Tom 2015


“Hmm. BuckBucks or BawkBawks? BawkBawk I think is just too on point. You read BuckBuck and say, ‘What does this mean? Oh.’ BawkBawk is just too… zing…” --Tom 2015


I’ve collected a lot from both Tuesday and today. Time for a… quote dump!

“Where’s my JSON? I have no JSON.”
“What do we do next? I could make more types of bread. But that doesn’t seem particularly interesting.”
“Because it is a fantasy world, and I can make my chickens look like whatever I want.”
“This is a free-range chicken, Zilla. No antibiotics in this chicken.”

“If you can’t hear me, reload the page. laughs” “Now run the Max!”
“What’s up, son? (as the chicken loaded into Max)” “My buckbuck is too high.”
“We’re going long! We’re going long!”

There. I can finally use my clipboard as intended again.


" Knock on wood… Nothing in the office is made of wood." - Tom 2k15


“We work on chickens, we just don’t call them chickens. Why is it confusing? I’m confused by your confusion!” Tom 08/2015
"Let’s do a slight duck. HA! Except it’s a chicken! Sorry… I really apologise for that" Tom 08/2015

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I’m just going to leave this here:



“Oh no… he dead… let me take another stab at this” - Tom 2015

“that looks pie like.” - Tom 2015

“oh, you want advice on how to start coding, uhhh… umm…” - Tom 2015

“so were just going to make this head a lot bigger” - Tom 2015

“i dont know if these ears are to dumbo or what, but were going to find out.” - Tom 2015

“you could be free, you could be free…” - Tom 2015 whilst speaking to a poyo


How many times has @Tom made this face during streaming?

I swear, this is going to become a meme…


No… he was just a boy… just a boy…" - Tom, 2015

We’ll never forget you red poyo