Toms best quotes library


“im not amazed by these eyes” -Tom 2015

“i need to find out how much of her skull to take away” -Tom 2015


“Adamor, I can’t believe i’m doing it” -Tom at the naming.


I was the one who suggested Adamor, by the way. Are you proud of me, @SteveAdamo?

“Now this is gonna be fun. And when I say fun, I mean it’s not gonna be fun.” - Tom 2015


“Wait the kitten’s a rabbit” - Tom 2015


“Waggy waggy” -Tom 2015


“Go Puppy Go” -Tom 2015



I don’t think you really captured the feel of that one. It was more like:
“Go puppy go! Go puppy go!”

“If you want to learn to animate, then go… animate stuff.” [and the equivalent for making games and… just about anything.]

“This pose here is like the awesome happy pose.”


“You’ll be able to rename by clicking and typey, typey, typey.” - Tom 2015


“This is not terrible.” - Tom 2015
"Wow, Tony needs to check his stuff in!" - Tom 2015


“Please don’t be porn”


- Tom, every time he clicks a link.


“Looks kinda spoony”-Tom, June 4, 2015


“You’re on the pot. Why are you on the pot. Get off the pot.” - Tom 2015 discussing the cook standing on her cooking pot.


Now I feel really sad that I’ve missed all the streams recently. :crying_cat_face:


“I have messed the up.” -Tom 2015, Dev Stream #59, while animating.


“Aaaaaahhhhhh” - Tom 2015


“Do I have a pet test? Let’s find out!”
“What would be funny is if the colllie ate the kitten.”
“What did I just screw up?”

  • Tom 2015


“Okay, so great, he crafted the sword…he’s holding it in a dangerous manner–but that’s okay!

“Oh, by the way, you can rename your kitten! Wait…no, you can’t.”


###“Happy Canada Day” - Tom

Heheh… Ok, fine, I set this one up a bit