Toms best quotes library


“If you know how to manage your stubbiness… it’s a surefire path to cutesville.” -Tom 2015


FYI - I’m compiling these and looking to secure the rights for a “best of” compilation book…

unfortunately, Google is failing me! :smile:

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“DON’T PUSH MY TURNIP DELETION” -Tom 2015 during Tony’s Live Stream


“Doot doo-doot doo-doo” - Tom
"Doot doo-doot doo-doo" - Tony

Who said it first?


You cannot be serious. Of course it was me.


“Why does it say I deleted all this stuff? That’s a lot of stuff!” - Tom 2015


“They think that they are like SUPER epic, but… they’re not” -Tom


“Oups! Oups! Oups! Hello ! There. That’s better” Tom 2015

“That guy has a armored nose cause that make more sens” Tom 2015 speaking about wolf goblin


“Chris calls it ‘The Crushinator’.”

–May 2015


“This is not a Democracy! We had a vote!” -Tom 5/5/15


“Build this sucker ! You can’t cause you don’t have the ressources. Ah ! Ah!” Tom 2015
"So ! We aren’t going to do a ton of modeling in this stream guys but, hey ! We’re fixing bugs that’s just as fun, right ? -laughts-" Tom 2015

“Stonehearth is design for multiplayer. It … Oh I didn’t say that. I just did!” Tony 2015
"If you heard Tom screen… Tom STReam" Tony 2015
"Zag… Zagar… ZAGNAR!" Tony 2015 clicking at a heartling call Ragnar Zedro


Not sure you can add a Tony quote to the Tom(’)s best quotes. We might need to start another one for Tony. :grin:


well so far it hasnt been just toms quotes, perhaps it should just be, “stream quotes” or some such name…


True enough. Especially now that Tony’s streaming as well which although I don’t get to watch live is still awesome on the replay.


“Hi, I’m Tom.”-Tom (His whole life)


This is quite possibly my favourite thread on the discourse.

Keep it up folks.


Anyone else notice this? :laughing: (Edited for the children)


Did you edit in the or? Heh-heh, making ovens can be stressful work. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
EDIT: Stream #41, 12:35


“I use windows 8 against my will.” -Tom 2015