@Tom in an interview with GameSpot?

just found this on youtube

edit: here, found it on their site Minecraft Meets Dwarf Fortress in Stonehearth - GameSpot


Hmmm… I’m pretty sure this is just the Tom voiceover drom the Kickstarter Video in the backround. @Tom?

no its an interview! :smiley:

Really? Cool! :smile:

That is indeed Tom in a brand-new interview – we did a round of press as part of the Steam EA launch.
We’ll be updating our Press section (under Media in the main nav) with our latest coverage soon.


Great little coverage of the game, poor Tom sounded nervous.


exciting times :grinning:

there are a lot of comments that complain about him saying umm a lot… we got your back @Tom!


The comments on the site are kind of funny:

This dev says ‘um’ a lot. Tell him to stop saying um.


And then, there are a couple of people who must not have actually watched the video. Maybe if they had, they wouldn’t think it was knock-off, Blizzard mashup, or any other


thing done by




I just noticed that the water has reflections ._.
Probably they were there from before, but with my poor graphics laptop…

Yay! Finally I can see how I’m actually doing with the colors :heart_eyes:
although I wanna see the tiramisu terrain in HD too…


congrats on being featured in the video (your mod, that is) :+1:

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Thanks :blush:
I guess it was a good example, you could clearly distinguish what part of the game was player made, and that there are many things which you can mod.

I’m happy that now I have more/new fans of Candy land :smile:


[quote=“coasterspaul, post:8, topic:12822, full:true”]The comments on the site are kind of funny:

This dev says ‘um’ a lot. Tell him to stop saying um.[/quote]
It’s a valid criticism though. In the future @Tom (or @sdee or whoever), organise your thoughts first, even to the point of having a rough script or similar. If you’ve got time, do a test run first to see what you want to say / how you want to say it, and then do the real thing.

Yeah I know, you’re meant to be the art/code guy not the PR guy, but it does make a big difference in interviews like this :slight_smile: .