Toilets, Outhouses, Holes in the Ground, Anything?

Perhaps a bit silly, but aren’t we all just here for some fun? :smile:

Anyway, I was wondering if we’re going to see toilets or are they just not going to bother? Because I say we have outhouses and then we at least get some form of shed, even if Shedhearth was shot down. :gun: Does anyone know if they’ve mentioned anything about toilets or shall I get loading up Qubicle? :poop: :smile:

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I think this is something that is not going to be in the game, like reproduction. But it would make for a good and wierd mod :wink:

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Hmm … my initial reaction is that perhaps this is stepping into the territory of the Sims if they start having this sort of things in the game.

Especially if it’s a ‘need’ like food and sleep that your settler’s will need to have.

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Oh no, I was thinking a lot more casual than that, simply put it at like 5 on the priorities so they’ll just go randomly. It wouldn’t take any gameplay out because it would be instead of idling sometimes, it’s all just for fun, after all, it would amuse me seeing one of my people dashing to the toilet then walking out with a grin on their face :wink: although I must say, if I do do anything with this, it won’t be for a while, my casino and my other unknown idea have precedence :smile:

… but would add quite some “life” to the “underworld” of Stonehearth. Think of the Dwarfs as the future channel digger :wink:.


Haha, “holes in the ground”. “Hmm, what is this worker doing there, he isn’t a miner? Ohhh he truly is digging there, i did not tell anyone to dig there… Lets zoom in - OHH GROSSS!!”

Well, it certainly makes sense that these little guys would have to relieve themselves. But what would it add to gameplay?

Fortunately, Radiant doesn’t seem too keen on micromanagement, so you wouldn’t have to explicitly order your workers to go to the bathroom. (That would be awkward.) But it’d be another thing that you have to build, certainly, which affects the balance of the game. Since outhouses are a basic need, like eating and sleeping, you would need to build at least one at the beginning of your game, which adds to the learning curve, as well as adding early-game tedium.

Finally, what would happen if you didn’t build an outhouse? For example, when you don’t build beds, your workers will sleep on the ground, and wake up with a “grumpy” debuff. After watching this project for a while, I’ve got a pretty good idea of Radiant’s sensibilities for Stonehearth, and I honestly can’t think of any debuff or consequence for not building an outhouse that would fit in the aesthetic of Stonehearth.

actually, i would be ok with this as an idle animation option… if your units find themselves standing around, idle for a time… perhaps one of the list of option could be “relieve yourself”…

  • sit and look at your surroundings
  • fly a kite
  • chase a random pet
  • walk to a water source and throw rocks
  • find an available restroom

but that would be the extent of it for me… i wouldnt want to have to build latrines and such… :stuck_out_tongue:

if the player decided to build an outhouse, then units might randomly “use” it as part of their available suite of random idle options…

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YouTube knows the answer to everything (with a grain of humor). Unfortunately in Swiss-German and we should keep the forum clean… what a witty play with the words :wink:.

@SteveAdamo sure… idle animation. And what happens if your settler is not finished yet with “sitting and looking at the surroundings” and you order him to chop wood? He will jump up, run towards the forest and have some toilet paper sticking on his shoe? :smile:

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Schnoddergoof. :tongue:

Dear those concerned, I merely do mean it as @SteveAdamo elaborated on, an idle animation. Maybe just a hole in the ground, but it would amuse me. And yes, it would be nice to have them idle somewhat akin to your settlers in Settlers II (one of the best games. ever.)

This is all for some humour really, I’m not looking for micromanagement aspects :smile:

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I imagine they might add this in as a sort of decorative feature but I don’t really see it becoming much else.

haha, got the great idea for the idle: 1st the minions looks about and then hides behind a tree and squats, the wanders back out with some toilet paper stuck to the bottom of there shoe :smiley:


Really like that one. as a buildable idle animation.

A little late to this smelly party but didn’t read it through until now.
It could result in some funny idle animations so I like the idea and if it’s a mod then it is very much optional.

If you want a gameplay reason to build an outhouse then sanitary and health works. I don’t know if the villagers will be able to get sick (if not it could be part of the same mod) but without a place to go to do their thing (and other sanitary things like clean water) they would be more likely to get sick. It can still be kept as an idle animation, they just need the option.

It wouldn’t add to the learning curve, because when you start out your villagers will still have close to nature when nature calls. Later on however, when you have a big city they would need some kind of toilet or they will just empty their chamber pots on the street. It could be added inside houses, so you don’t have to make room for an outhouse.

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I actually really like that! It could be one of very few things to contribute to your people as a whole’s health factor to avoid making it micromanage-y but kind of make sense. :smile:

so, another “motivation” the units will experience during the course of a day… i can see that, i suppose… it would just be another action for them to take… perhaps its triggered at more common times (just after waking, just before bed, etc.)

absolutely no micro here though… would have to be automatic… :wink:

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Oh yes, no you wouldn’t have to order them to do it, you’d just have to have the facilities and another example, as @Agon mentioned, would be having some clean form of water. Nothing manual, just ensuring they have these things. And putting a toilet in each house might be a bit manual, maybe a big public toilet block with lots of toilets in?

and assuming the player doesnt (or cant yet) build said facilities, the downside would be… reduced performance for the units?

Whilst they waddle around with crossed legs? Yeah, sounds fun :smile: