Couple of Questions and an observation

Personally I’ve always enjoyed being a Dwarf in my rpg type games, living inside the earth gives me comfort, my Questions are:

  1. How does the game define a Shelter? does setting up living quarters inside caves register as a shelter for our hearthlings? or is it just a bed on the ground that flags a shelter?

  2. Do accessories (Dresser, carpets, writing table etc.) affect the ratings for our Hearthlings happiness (am thinking this isn’t implemented if it does?)

Observation: I’ve noticed the AI for our little folks has a tendency to get confused when you surround your base with a ‘wall’ made from the building a structure section of the build menu, while if you use a wooden fence or stone fence (from mason) the AI doesn’t seem to mess up, it’s as if the fact they can see over the fence or stone fence helps the AI to keep functioning correctly.