Housing: A reason for it

My thoughts are this, the game is coming along nicely, I have noticed something in other games similar to this one and even then decided to see if StoneHearth would actually deal with it. Sense it has not I thought I would put my idea here.

It seems in all these simulation there is one thing in common, no real reason for housing or indoor use. As with other games it seems buildings are more of an aesthetically pleasing choice then a “survival” or have to have choice.

To me if these type of games in general are pushing the whole “you can build a village/city” when in reality all you need is walls and farm land. It seems that the whole “building” thing has no consequence to design or for that matter shelter to make one have too or want too build something other then again for the aesthetics.

What I would love to see in the future is a need for housing that your people require. So for instances a smithy would want a bed, house, table, chair and things that he smiths with , within his house or near. IE assigned housing I guess? Then you can talk about weather and health , IE keeping warm that sort of thing.

I don’t know really but you get the idea.

Just something that has always bothered me about these type of games, sure I can build it, but I really don’t need too.

my 2cents anyways :wink:


Hey there @xnode, welcome to the Discourse!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback, let me share some information with you:

You are correct, right now housing is not “necessary” for survival in Stonehearth. It does, however, factor into your Hearthling’s “Shelter” score, which is used as a part of the daily report calculation. While I do not know the details of implementation, I can assure you that shelter will be more important as the game proceeds further in development. Weather and warmth are planned, and shelter may have an effect on Hearthlings in that regard.

Again, welcome to the discourse, and please do not be a stranger!


Very cool! thank you for the info!


As far as I know, it’s just beds that factor into Shelter… but, buildings do increase your net worth.

Interesting…I have provided my Hearthlings with fine comfy beds, and not gotten shelter to 10, so I figured there was more to the calculation. Maybe it just can’t get that high yet.

In any case, I would expect shelter to eventually affect the score if it doesn’t do so at the moment.

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that is the case, i believe its cap is currently 7, if i’m not mistaken TR have it on the list of things to redo.

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They are planning on using the signs you can craft to assign people to houses :slight_smile: