Toggle Visibility of Loot Icons

My style of gameplay is to attempt hyper vigilance to prevent any non-combatant hearts from getting massacred and after many days, the loot icons just amass to the point that I can no longer see the map.

I notice the loot icons scale up as you zoom out, so any angle or zoom is the same. It would be fantastic if there were a hotkey one could implement to either temporarily or permanently disable them or reduce their opacity. Perhaps the space bar or the middle mouse button since both currently ‘move’ the map?

I know I can throw chests out in the wilds to get the loot picked up but sometimes my workers are too busy to make it out there…except those times the farmer has full bins and walks 30 miles to drop off a couple of baskets of corn.


You can change what hearthlings should do in the citizens menu.
Maybe a few minutes only hauling ?
And with this mod

your soldiers will not patrol anymore but instead haul.
(yeah they will patrol but only if you set up the patrol flags)
They will bring back loot from the fights.


You can choose to not loot the drops from fighing. Just drag the indicator over the items and the “loot here” icon is gone.

Of course those items are needed for the quests and can be worth quite a bit.

The easiest thing is to have your hearthlings loot them asap. Using your fighters to haul things helps, too - just turn off their job temporarily and get that many more hearthlings to go grab those items. You can temporarily stop the building and mining to encourage everyone to go get that loot.

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Or you can cancel that order and they will ignore those items.

You can either use the “cancel order” tool at the harvest menu or go into the game options and disable the auto-loot.

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You guys rock, as usual! I’ll try your suggestions! I do want the loot, but I can’t help myself and have my workers doing too many things. Time to put the footmen to work!