Haul Items Flag

I have come across the same issue in every play-through I have done, that a goblin camp is too far away to loot, I have to leave a container to be filled and that’s only if the hearthlings feel like it, then I have to move the container back to town and again, the hearthlings AI just isn’t good enough yet.

I think that a flag, like the attack and defend flag (which are practically the same thing right now), should be added that tells everyone in the party to drop everything they’re doing and haul everything in an area around the flag to the closest stockpile or container.Same with building, placing/moving/removing objects, and mining (not so much mining because i know that’s going to become its own class soon).

Normally they should loot everything you select with the loot option. The distance doesn’t affect the looting.

But it dos though. If the job you want them to do is more than 50-75 blocks away then you have to send them out with a flag just to get them in the area to do it. It took them a week (real time not game time) to mine a stairway to some berries

Then try not to build or mine something else.
But the idea of a flag is still interesting.