Some newbie question

Hi, just found this nice game, played a few evenings and get up with some questions.
Should be happy to, if someone can point out a beginner guide (if it exist).

Is there any way to hide the tree-layer?
Its hard to see whats going on when fighting under the trees.

Is there a way to mark multiple loots at once, like the harvest tool?
Its tedious to click each one and mark them.

Is there a way to click an individual heartling and order it to go to a particular point, or other orders?

I have seen on some videos that are a yellow track when they walk around.
Can i switch that on, or is it a dev-tool?

Thanks for now.
Probably find out more questions as times go by…

No, you can’t hide the tree layer. But you’re not the first person to request this, so maybe that feature will come one day?

Yes. On the same menu as the Harvest Tool, you should see a little “Loot” tool. Just click and drag, just like with Harvest.

You can command combat units to defend a particular point, but otherwise, no. There are no “Hearthling specific” commands you can issue.

I’m unsure about the yellow tracks.

No tree layer type thing, although would be nice to have such a thing.

There is or will be an auto-loot feature once A17 hits the stable version. For now though if you look in the same section where you see harvest there is something that looks like a treasure, that is the loot button that you can drag to select multi-loot things.

the only hearthlings you can direct are military units. It was done this way to have less micro-management. In other words more of a lively feel; although I am sure the AI still will get improvements as the game continues to get developed.

The yellow line you see is the pathing option in the menu. To show hearthling paths. It can be turned on/off there in the options in game or on the main menu.

Many thanks for help. :slight_smile:

Now i got another problem with a quest…
I have put up the elite gong, and now have a camp outside my town, that spawn angry orcs every 5 min or so.
Is there anyway to stop them?
I probably missed something…

I haven’t messed with that mechanic yet, but from what I have read/heard you have to take out the leader of the camp in order to stop the raids from it. Something like that…

For the loot im not sure since when but you have an option for autoloot in the settings but im playing dev mod but im pretty sure i already use it in alpha 16. But sometimes you don"t want them out so the tool they indicate is probably the best to use. Maybe you know but the tool just next to it cancel task can undo harvest action and loot request. It make my life easier.

As for your last question i only know the brutal way which is to destroy their leader with the flag.and their camp. I don’t know if their is an other way a pacific one like for ogo as i am mostly playing hard mode and i have enough to deal with so i let him home.
Just one last thing sometime the leader walk out from the camp to make litlle one in other part of the map i ve not investigate far enough to be sure but for me he has always come back to the main camp between each camp.

Thx, i try find the boss…
And thx for explaining those button, they will be handy to.

Have found the auto-loot setting, works very good. :slight_smile: