Hide trees, storage non, and undeploy


I lost a Saturday to the latest alpha 16 build, thanks for that. No sarcasm intended its been a long time since a game have consumed me like that. I haven’t had the time to play stone hearth since alpha 12 so a lot has changed and improved, but off course there is room for improvement.

Hidding the trees
With the new combat it is important to be able to see what is happening and give orders to you troops. In a dense forest this is how ever not possible. I would suggest adding a button like the hiding the walls of building but for trees where you the only show the stumps. By the way I more that once heard the music change to battle music but go no notification of where hunting down where something is happening in a lot of trees is also iterating.

storage default
I love the new containers, but I have a tiny bit of OCD and don’t like my eggs in the same container as my coal. This is how ever made a little bit difficult by the fact that when placing a container, you cant set the filter before it is actually placed in the world. Which sometimes might take some time, so when I get around to it, its filed with the wrong stuff.
I suggest either letting the default be none instead of all, or event better let you set the filter for the containers on their ghost.

cancel deploy
Even though my mother says i’m perfect, I still once a while will place an object in the wrong place. And it is very irritating that you have to wait for it to be placed before you can move it or put it back in the pile.

Found a few bugs but will try to create separate thread for them with video and save games. Just in case i don’t get to that a short description.

  • Thing does not get placed in world (fixed by save and load).
  • Soldier(footman) gets stuck (fixed by save and load).
  • Archer runs in the opposite direction when asked to attack, I think she is trying to get line of site.
  • Building can’t finish. Even a simple post consisting of 6 slaps on top of each other got stuck 2 block up.

Thanks Peter


Both great ideas. Maybe trees hiding could be put with the flat house view mode, to avoid needing another button. I too have wished for a cancel deploy button at times as well.

Great news, this exists already! Check out the Gameplay tab in the settings menu.


As jomaxro mentioned, this option already exists in the settings.

Caused by non-perfect AI pathing (?). Generally manually adding temporary ladders helps.

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I would very much like a “hide trees” button. Often thougjt it would be useful. So far, i’ve been cutting down trees all around my village to have space to fight on.

I like your hide trees option, but it might be easier if its just something that happens automatically when there is a hearthling on the other side of a tree - like Diablo 3. Surprisingly I cannot find an image of this happening - but it does : ).

Well detecting when something is occluded by a tree isn’t a completely simple task. And it isn’t just hearthlings I want to be able to find, also loot or when building a road through a forest.

hiding trees would be amazing! there have been so many times i’ve fought in forests and totally missed a bunch of good loot until later deforestation…

this would be really nice, perhaps making it so using the “cancel task” tool on the ghosts would cancel placement.

I think this suggestion has come up quite a few times now… anyways, will +1 again.

I’ll add my vote for +1 to hiding tree’s. The rpg building vision mode seems a good view. I took a shot at trying to have the game treat tree’s like the building view treats a window but no luck yet.

The rpg view is this symbol:

We’d still be able to see the base of tree’s to harvest and anything behind them like the three other Kobolds with the Ogre that one time…