Option to toggle scaffolding off


I like building alot especially in this game. most of the times my building wont be completed because heartlings cant build a single block that isnt accesible to them, turning off the scaffolding would help alot checking where these blocks are.
I want to make templates that can be build 100% always, the building order is always a bit wonky in my opinion also the fact that i cant delete whole walls after i saved it in a template. :frowning:


Hopefully the new building system revamp will solve all these building related problems :slight_smile:

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and making the trees transparent is also a great idea!

I love this idea! It might get more attention if you edit the title to something like “option to toggle hiding scaffolding” rather than turning it off – just to make it clear that the scaffolding would still be there, just not visible.

I 100% agree with trees being included in this toggle too. In fact, I’d also like to have an option to hide furniture while they’re at it; just in case I want to check what’s behind it.

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