Button for manual remove off scafollding

The idea is simple, add a build option to manual remove of the scaffold from a selected place or area.

This would help on those buildings that have leftover scaffold the hearthlings never remove.


Amen to that, it really ruins customized buildings I made. Also there is no need for the 20+ ladders when scaffoldings are being made.

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Well, if anything… Control + C brings up the console, click the pesky leftover scaffolding and type destroy in the box, boom! Scaffolding no more!

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Yeah but thats not the Solution when u build more then 50 Buildings to sit everytime down and click nearly 5+ Scaffholdings to erase them (Buildings that have some Corners and Floors)

I builded a little small Well (5Wx5Lx6H) Building was finished in some Seconds but they left 11! Scaffholdings and Ladders back that i must erased on my own.

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The idea is that quick function that can work on all leftover scaffolding at the same time and dosen’t need to open the console for it to work.

Right now i working in a concept for a suggestion for another building method for less problems

for now i tend to find it easier to destroy the scaff, sometime the hearthling will remove that ladders after that. But on the other hand they still tend to throw up way to much scaffolding in the first place. As i watch them build i always think it would just be easier to build from bottom to top as irl. Also another better suggestion would be if they build whatever is part of the build and finish that part, they should just remove the scaffolding before moving on to another section.

scaffolding also has another issue with it. if too much is made on bigger build it tend to cause performance issues to the comp itself.

Looking at this bridge i built, that first section is done, other then items place, could be easier to have them remove the scaff first before that moved on.


Well, just pointed it out incase someone reading this wants to get rid of lingering scaffolding in a way or another.

Speakinga bout consoles, maybe it shouldn’t be a button because well… the scaffolding are meant to be desconstructed afterwards, but yeah… How about console command? remove_all_scaffold or remove_building_scaffold One for global eradication of scaffolds and other for targeted building’s scaffolds >.>


You can remove scafollding without console right now i have tested this.Under the last build too.
You must use the button to remove things (like table, doors,etc…)
It works too for scafollding.


After some time, i think the devs should really consider this idea and here are some more things to that end.

After i build a template in the least build, the left tons of scaffolding left on my walls, when i try to use the destroy button i only get parcial scaffolding destroyed and my door was gone too.

What can be done is a context button in the scaffolding and ladders build that force hearthlings to remove the scaffoldings and ladders they build