Today's Unstable Story

I had an interesting run in the latest Unstable branch (24.4), so its Story Time™.

Rayaa’s Children, desert, with a merchant start. I tucked myself into a little ring of mountains, conveniently full of gold. I figured ‘oh, this should be easy enough, about a dozen fruit, fiber, and herb plants, with a trapper to cover food. and the one fighter should cover me through the first couple goblin raids. Easy.’

Took the merchant/road banner to start, built up around the edges of the mountain to stop spawns. got like 80-90 gold ore form some veins right next to my spawn, got a bunch of gold some containers for basics like food and ores, and i went ahead and left the open air stockpile to see miscellaneous stuff that still needed storage. Despite my supplies, I was always just a little bit short of food to expand beyond 8 hearthlings, so building and expansion was a bit slow. There were two standstorms that passed through, but thanks to the mountain start they were fairly inconsequential.

there were a couple stoneling raids, but beyond that I saw almost nothing aggressive until the 13th day. Then a goblin with a fancy hat showed up. I declined his offer of bribery. (my previous game I had successfully bought him off till he left and then all of a sudden I got hit by two full groups of kobolds and ogres simultaneously, wiping out everything)

Within a minute, I had two goblins rushing toward my base. But not just any goblins, these were armed and armored goblins. My lone fighter intercepted them, and was promptly ignored. instead they charged for the open stockpile, and destroyed around a thousand gold worth of finished objects, miscelaneous resources, all the tools i had built for the hearthlings i could never get to show up, what little food i did have (which was in chests supposedly? I may have just run out), and every single piece of gold i had managed to accumulate thus far. All before then turning on my one footman.The last raider and my footman killed each other simultaneously, to add salt to the wound.

Basically two or three hours down the drain.

But it didn’t end there. before the day was up, not one, not two, but three separate raids occurred. Stonelings, more goblins, and then another set of goblins after that. My footman was down, and I couldn’t promote any hearthlings to footman or herbalist with destroyed tools. and so i defended with the call to arms, barely holding off each wave.

And this is where I am now. No tools, no money, no health, and hungry. Mostly because I figured one footman would be able to deal with the first goblin raid.

And also because I had no idea that they added item destruction to goblins. GG Radiant. Well played.


Goldfever is real! :wink:

Great story and thanks for sharing, it might give some hints to new players, so they wont end up in a similar situation.


Yes, thank you so much for the story. The armored goblins make a beeline for your stockpiles and lay waste to everything they can. I thought it was a brilliant move by the devs to start giving mobs tactics. I love those moments the game decides to remind you that you’re still in danger if you’re not careful.

Here’s hoping your next town is more successful, or that you at least saved.


That used to be around WAY WAY back in the day. The Goblins would steal something, run a short ways, then set it on fire and destroy it. If it was added back, this is the first I’ve heard of it. Anyone else able to confirm?

Otherwise, loved the story. It was straight forward enough that nothing was added, but still told in a way that was entertaining.


Yup I can 100% confirm that the armored goblins will run in and start smashing items in exposed stockpiles. I mean they don’t even pick anything up they run around smashing it to smithereens.


Goblins just running seems like a bug to me. Them running to stockpiles and destroying things is fine (they are a raiding party), but just running towards a stockpile while 4 footmen are attacking them is just annoying. The footmen can only get one hit and then need to catch up whith them again. And since the goblins don’t do any damage, they pose no threath (except to everything stockpiled).

I really like that goblins destroy or steal from stockpiles, it’s a cute learning tool. A subtle way to let players know, “Hey maybe having all of our stuff laying around in stockpiles isn’t such a good idea. We should build some storage crates/chests/urns!”, but allows them to come to that conclusion on their own. They don’t pose a risk to your hearlthings as long as they have stuff to smash. Once you realize what they’re doing though your sense of urgency jumps with a quickness. They’re really only gonna cause a minor inconvenience against say 4 footmen, but they are gonna let ya know your town looking like a bad swap meet isn’t a good idea. They show up early enough to nudge players into cleaning up their towns before they get too messy, alleviating some pressure on the system, before your hearthling count gets up there. Late enough that your potter/carpenter/mason should be in a position to craft storage options easily.

That’s why peaceful mode is my friend.