To Split A Class Or Not

I’m at a bit of a pass that I’m not sure which direction to go. I’m currently working on a mod that adds a few more modern items. That said, some of them are going to require a new item, called a circuit. As the name implies, this will be items that have a little more electrical property to them, and pretty much work in the same way as gold flakes do to make ornate objects. Now that said, I’m not sure what to do.

I’ve thought of giving it to the engineer, as he’s an engineer. My problem with this is that he seems more like a mechanical engineer in Stonehearth than an all around engineer.

So I thought about making an electrical engineer class that handles electrical things. But then it feels like an unneeded class that was just bolted on…like the engineer mostly does now.

So if y’all don’t mind, I’d like y’alls feedback in what you guys think I should do. Should I keep everything under the engineer, expanding his class, or should I make a new class of electrical engineer?

  • 64-64-ce95e9d2e86faee8a3a511af826f891e Keep It To Just The Engineer
  • net-resizeimage Create An Electical Engineer Class

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The engineer doesn’t really do all that much currently; splitting it right now will just make the poor fellow even more neglected. In the future, if it actually gets more to do, then it might be worth splitting; but at current progression path, I don’t expect it to be much of a concern for a while.


I agree with @Kittyodoom but have thought that the engineer would be the one to develop something like this.

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My sentiments exactly

My dad used to be an airplane engineer (building airplane components and installing them) and part of the job uses electrical circuits. So it would seem realistic to have engineer to also have the ability to create circuits.

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The beauty of stonehearth is the ability to add fantasy to modern ideas. You could just as easily use crystals mined from the ground in place of circuits to be fair. But I agree, just add it to the engineer and flavor it so it works

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Crystals are something I want to do…but at this point, one step at a time.

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