Engineers Class?

So I saw this Engineer class, which include (steam pump, and tools…) So I was wondering, can Engineer class make machinery? quote from the kickstarter page:

“with steam, human ingenuity, and enough pipes, anything is possible!”

So does that mean there will be trains and some sort of machinery. To be honest, I was really hoping they will add trains to this game. :smiley:

I was also hoping for something like trains, making having little outposts or mining sites more viable.

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in the most recent live stream, Tony was excited about the Engineer class, as that paves the way to things like … circuits, was it? oh heck, now i cant remember… :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing I remember, was power and lighting…
Started jumping in my seat and forgot to pay attention


For the engineer class there should be machinery! I LOVE TRAINS!! :smiley: ADD THEM PLEASE!!!

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<3 to all train lovers. It will be interesting with trains in the game. I could definitely expand the gameplay of StoneHearth and change the in-game economy system. Will be looking forward to this game thou, so far is very promising.

It likely could start off with tracks and mine carts.

Well they mentioned steam in the engineer’s description, which is exciting enough imo. Like SteveAdamo said, circuits (electricity?) were mentioned in one of the live streams. Maybe steam powered generators or something.

giant steam robot titan here we come. :wink:


oh, good lord yes… that would be so interesting to see in this setting/art style… :slight_smile:

@DPrime123 That would be awesome; Actually, robots in general would be awesome. Having the engineer lead a squad of assault bots into battle seems amazing * sudden ideas hit brain*

And now that I have my heart set on robots, I might as well write out a gameplay balance for them and a few other things. ehem
If the engineer wishes to build something, he will need large amounts of steel (which requires a skilled smith and iron ore, which you have to mine for), and in order to repair machines or maintain them also requires some steel and considerable time on the engineer’s behalf (this will prevent the player from automating everything in their village, or using robots in every battle). Further more, some machines will need a power source to operate like steam power for engines, or electricity for robots. So make sure you don’t march a bunch of robots out to battle just to have their batteries run dry midway through.
Now that I have made machines seem too expensive to use, I shall make them seem too awesome to be true :stuck_out_tongue: . An Engineers machines can do the work of several people at once: Bring a tunnel bore into the mines to speed away production, have a pump bring water from further sources when necessary, and robots by themselves would be many times stronger that a normal villager. In battle, robots (considering they are literally nothing but metal) would be very durable and hard attackers. Provided you have enough black powder, you could have your engineer build explosives and bullets beforehand for an epic firefight.
(I suddenly had a vision of an engineer in a steam-punk style meck-suit shooting volleys of missiles and bullets at a hoard of goblins.)

The epicness is too much for me, so I must stop here, otherwise I will never stop typing XD. Please excuse my long winded-ness.

Yes!! Giant steam titans and clockwork soldiers! An engineer gone mad (insert manic laughter here)!!

There is always room for mad scientists/ engineers. :smiley:

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it’s funny, because the egineer class seems to add an all new aspect to the game that didn’t exist before. I’m excited for some steam punky action!

It leaves us all in one big question mark, but this is going to be good.

Let us consider some simple things first. Engineers, though piping and steam, could warm up houses on winter, diminishing mortality rates. Gunpowder is another option, with blunderbusses and cannons. Steam engines would be something nice as well, with small trains helping with outposts and trading. Steampunk robots would be a final stage, being automatons working though machine, with a magical mind maybe.

About the steam, In New York, USA Manhattan is heated with steam! Also steam would be cool with pipes n’ stuff cant wait to see what they come up with! (Pipes, digging up the land, placing, then burrying would be coooool!!!)