Modding classes

Hello I have bin thinking about the word you say about modding almost all things in the game

So I was developing in my mind a way to let modders make there own classes but when you do that the class selection toll will be full in no time

So my solution is easy and powerful in my eyes

Just make the class tab extent more
Not by making the ui for it bigger
No by making a sub class tab
So when you go to the class ui you get to choose what you want

For example click stonehearth and you get all the vanilla classes
And when a modder makes a class of its own it will be in its own ui that you can select under its name in the first class ui
Sins the new ui will be a list like ui it’s easy to do I think
Wish I was good with photoshop so I can make examples for it but I hope my expention is good to understand

Sorry for my crappy English its not my main language

Greets Maharaja

If you have questions please ask them and if you a dev that needs more info I’m willing to talk over teamspeak


Basically like how Minecraft mods can have a seperate achievements list? I could see this working.

very interesting idea.

also welcome to the forum :smile:

Yeah somthing like that Idd

I think in the dev stream before the last one, they were working on a new layout for classes. It has a bit more of a tab-like nature than the current one, so it’ll be very easy to extend it.

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