Suggestion: New Class Tree UI

So, On the last stream @Tom Mentioned that the UI and modding capabilities for adding new classes was restricted.
To solve this problem in terms of UI

Why not make it like a list.
That way its easy to add mods because you can just add it under all the vanilla game classes, rather than having to add it to the spider web that is class progression at the moment. (Spider web requires thought on where to add it and might cause conflict with other mods.

Its readable.

E.g. something like this.

The flaw with my design at the moment is that it doesn’t show the job progression, so it looks random.
I guess someone could change the design for me so that it shows the progression

But the point here is that it becomes kind of like a crafting bench UI but for job progression and that every mod you add is just added in a uniform fashion.

The 2 squares next to the choose a job title change the size of the icons. this is added to manage mods just in case you download loads and you don’t want to be scrolling through to find it.
Oh, and an almighty search function.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the size of the actual UI could be changed to be bigger, I just ripped everything from the carpenter workshop in game to make it :smile:


Sounds good. We could put categories like in the crafters workbenchs, for example: ‘Combat’, ‘Crafting’, ‘Other’, etc :smile:

But to show the progression tree we’ll probably need a bigger UI, like the current promotion UI…


Yeah I did mention that in my edit, and I did think about having it go across the screen horizontally.
I literally just opened up my game, took a screenshot of the UI’s and did it. I don’t know why I used the carpenter workshop as a base.


Maybe the progression could be shown with smaller icon beside the second tier classes? (Not really necessary for the worker as all second tier classes comes from the worker)

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I like your mock-up, but how do you define the position of each job? If they’re using co-ordinates at all then I don’t think it’ll work if different mods try to use the same co-ords for a new job. It might be easier to simply do a scrollable list that expands down with new jobs, and one per line. Perhaps even add the name in too:

[ Icon ] Worker
[ Icon ] Footman
[ Icon ] Carpenter
[ Icon ] Magma Smith
[ Icon ] Particle Physicist
[ Icon ] Black Mage

How about a book/grid like system?

Click on 'Change job’
Brings up the starter page with - Worker/Footmen/Farmer/Tailor/Trapper/Carpenter/Etc,. in a grid pattern along with blank Icons ‘Click Icon’ of the job you want ex:poof! a ‘Trapper’ (idk make it 4x5 grid? i think 20 potential starter jobs would be enough(then again maybe not)). :slight_smile:

So lets say your ‘Trapper’ is ready to be promoted - click on whom ever is the ‘Trapper’ in the character management screen - now along with ‘Change job’ you have a ‘Promote’ button. The Promote button brings up a page of icons - ‘Sheep Herder’ icon is lit (noting such n such can be promoted to Sheep herder) but also fill that page with more blank icon buttons (for any further classes/modified classes that might correlate with the Trapper), so on and so forth. I think this would give an almost limitless option for the Dev’s and Modders to play with, while being easy for the players without getting bogged down.
The ‘Change Job’ button obviously can be used any time to switch to any job to switch to a starter job.

I was originally going to have it as a list, but then I thought if crafting UIs can handle it. why couldn’t the mock up?
But a list would work as well as it can also have the description of the class and how to get it.


The crafting UI might still have issues when it comes to adding new categories though :frowning: .

My mod has new categories. it adds it like a charm. But a list would probably be the best one, because you can fit a lot of information in a list. like the name, what’s required etc. If only I knew how to program UI then that way I could make a functional mock up. but eh, go figure.

What is the progression in your UI looked a bit like this:

Just a simple line :slight_smile: underneath or at the side.

(Don’t mind my MAD ps skills)

I was thinking that for the vanilla classes, but then in terms of modding it has the problem which the old UI has, in which is where do I place it.

the bigger problem with the UI is that when you add more jobs than the game default they should get align with parent jobs.

Our first job is Worker, so he must be the first job of any list. but the problems comes when we think about jobs that lead to 2 or more jobs like the trapper.

maybe one option can be only show jobs that citizen have the right requirements, for example he will only see shepherd job in the list after get the right level as a trapper

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Yeah, guess I didn’t think it much through. how silly of me.
Maybe have : basic jobs category
and upgrade category, where you just add stuff