Use of blank UI space in new job tree

I just saw today’s desktop Tuesday video. Some of those new features were suggestions from the forum, it put a smile on my face to see them implemented! (Especially the long-awaited undeploy button. I just might miss my piles of obsolete Mean Beds…)

The new class tree also looks brilliant, a lot less clunkier than the “pick-from-the-list” method, and a lot more forgiving for when we muck up our promotion choices or hire too many footmen. I remember bringing up a ranking system for the old style drop down list, where more “suitable” citizens appear higher on the list for promotion: Ranking by skills when promoting
It wouldn’t be too relevant now with the new design…

My suggestion today involves the blank space to the right of the tree. Would you be able to put a stats list for the selected citizen, showing relevant stats for the chosen occupation?

To clarify, let’s say you pick “Joe Stone,” a worker. If you click on “Change Job” his stats appear on a list on the right side. If you click on “Farmer,” his Speed will be highlighted in green if he’s a good candidate, yellow if he’s alright for the job, or red if he’d make a poor farmer.

Any thoughts on this idea? Useless/useful? Or am I just obsessed with stats?!


I think it’s totally useful. There should also be another method of matching up who would be a good candidate for what jobs based on character traits–more of an “overview” instead of having to select each person for a promotion to see their stats and then remember what they were good at as you move on to the next.

This is pretty much the one thing in Gnomoria that was annoying/tedious for me. Not the fact that there were so many character stats/skills, (I think that’s awesome!) but just the actual mechanism for matching up character traits with professions was tedious and easy to mess up or overlook or forget which character had which skills. And even for someone as OCD as me, I hate it when it’s a big pain to find who is good for what job and plan accordingly.