TNT Cannon physics for minecraft

Ok, so some people on the minecraft server have been telling me that i can’t really build a tnt cannon, and one time my cannon failed to a glitch, and another time, i just put down to many repeaters. just after bragging about my cannons. You can imagine how that feels. then to make it even worse, my mom told me i had to leave. So I left, and it looked like I was chickening out. I’ll have to leave soon, not enough time to make a new cannon, but enough time to post this as proof, and to amaze everybody:

So, yeah. As proof that this is my drawing, you can look it up, you won’t find anything like it on the internet. I studied up. So, yeah, I guess this is the fully explained note taken version of the complete physics behind the tnt cannon.
Hope you like it, or are jealous, or are amazed.
If your not, :(.
But if you are, :smile:


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