Tkh's Translation Helper program (downloadable)


Oh, so one checkbox on each row? That would be annoying to keep track of, and where to save that data… I don’t think so, but a checkbox toggle to start with and then we can evaluate :wink:

Good suggestion, I’ll see what I can do!

I got a good list of features now, fun! I will actually go on a business trip to China in a week or two, and if I have a seat with power I know what to do on the 9-13 hour flight except for sleeping :smiley:

The program is written in Visual Studio in C#.


:smiley: I need to export .Excel file .


Hi all and greetings from China!

Unfortunately I had no AC socket on the flight… but I found time to do some programming on the hotel room :slight_smile: I hope to be able to release soon, some more testing and bug fixing is needed first.

Are there any other features that needs work except for the “full length symbols” problem? I haven’t started on that yet, but perhaps I will try… :wink:

  • Added another “count mode” to switch between “only orange” and “orange and yellow”. I’m sorry @dalabo, but the idea of having one box per row seems very hard. Then I would need to have a database to use instead of just using .json files. Remember that you can use “next item” button to jump to next orange or yellow item.
  • Added “reset all” button, this will fill all empty (orange) boxes in the file with the original text and makes it yellow. As requested by @Kiyoshi!
  • Added export function requsted by @law, only to text file, but file can be opened in Excel and you just specify that it has “tab” as delimiter. Could be improved, but so far it works good for me. See screenshot:


Oh! It is reset button! I didnt expected “Rst” is reset button :smile: Good job!


Haha, it’s perhaps a little bad word choice, but since I meant “reset to original language” that’s how it ended up :wink:


Thank you for taking my advice so seriously. Anyway, nice work. :slight_smile:


Ok, time for a release! I found a few bugs with the new functions and think I’ve fixed them all. So right now I can’t see anything strange. This is why I need to you try it out :blush:

Calling @dalabo, @Kiyoshi, @law, @Wiese2007 and @Milan for testing :smiley:

To properly use the new export function (found under “Options”), open Excel first and then open the text file from there and tell Excel to split text into columns with tab as delimiter. When I just dragged it into Excel it made some auto-splits on certain symbols (like ‘;’ ) and messed everything up. Latest version (0.6.0) is attached here!

edit: Llink removed due to new release, see top post!


Thank you for your work!
When increasing the “Lines”


What did you mean with this? :slight_smile:


You know you can close the icon by Showİcon property or convert your tkh logo to ico and use for your program :joy:


What I mean is to increase the number of lines, like the picture as

add ordinals like this to make it easy to find where the certain text is

I think of a “new features” :
This is the UltraCompare software
They are:
All – Only difference – Only identical

Show only full textShow only the difference textShow only the same text

I believe that these features make the work has become convenient


I haven’t prioritized the icon part of the program :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t fully understand. Why do you need line numbering when you have it in every “smart” editor like Excel and UltraCompare? Do you mean like this? (download)
(link removed)


Well, something like this, I just want to be more convenient to use software


little bug ^^ if you use full and then push flat in a line it change the info in the translated text to the original back and dont change the design back to flat xD

all in all looks very good :smiley:

and honest im also dont know why he needs a rowline xD ok in sublime there is also a rownumber - but i havent used it ever to find a line xD


You are mistaken, I want to “Lines” is added here
Trouble you, sorry


I don’t follow…? Show me… :confused:

AAH, now I understand what you mean with the numbers. It would be good to have for sure. Not in the exported file, but in the normal view. It’s possible and (edit) wasn’t that hard to activate. Now implemented as a checkbox in the Options tab.

Screenshot and how options look:


(≧∇≦)/YES !!!Yes! This is it! I want the effect is like this! Pretty good!

Then, is this function can be achieved?
All, only different, only same


I just tried it. Hiding a row is not hard, but program crashes when using other functions that tries to access invisible rows (like search, next, reset all, save, etc). So it’s a high risk implementation… unless there are smarter ways to do it… @yshan any tips? Send a PM in that case :slight_smile:


You got a screenshot and more info about that bug? I didn’t understand…