Stranslation - Stonehearth Translation Toolkit

#Stonehearth Translation Toolkit - JSON <–> CSV
This tool enables you to do translations in a Sheet/Excel with an easy import and exportation process

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##Disclaimer: This tool was only tested in Google Drive Sheets

Stonehearth main language FILE its written in a special format that is commonly used for programming. JSON. It’s not a programming language but a easy human way to write and read data.

CSV(comma-separated values) its other way to format data in a “tabular” manner. aka make tables in a plain text file.
You can use CSV in programs such as: Google Drive Sheets, Microsoft Excel or other program that recognizes CSV extension

###This Tool was created to facilitate the translation process.
This Tool enables you to export from JSON to CSV and CSV to JSON.
You can translate Official Stonehearth in-game phrases in Google Drive Sheets and then export from your CSV to JSON files, easily. By using Google Drive Sheets you can share your file with others and translate TOGETHER !!

stranslation app has 3 tasks:

##- Create the default CSV
This is your first task you will execute. This task will create the default csv from the official language file (json) each its located at Stonehearth/mods/stonehearth.smod/stonehearth/locales/en.json

After creating the file and put it in Google Drive you will see the following template sheet

In this sheet you can add columns for one or many languages as you please. Example:

##- Export CSV to JSON
After done editing or you just want to test it out you have to download your Google Drive Sheet as a CSV file LIKE THIS

After puting your file in a specific folder you will be able to export your languages to JSON files, individually.
All CSV files in that specific folder will be export if you execute this task (name of CSV files does not matter)

##- Update CSVs
This task updates all phrases from your CSV files. This means if Radiant changes any phrase (delete, rename phrase ID, change description or change order) this task will automatically update your CSV, easily.

Lets imagine we are on Alpha 5 and these are the phrases in-game at the moment:

you ran the Create Default CSV task and translated those words in Google Drive

Alpha 6 arrives and the official language JSON was changed by Radiant:

Lets analyse the words:

Executing this task you will get the following output:

{{UPDATED}} and {{NEW}} words will VISUALLY warn the translator which ones were updated or added. He/She just need to update those words and that’s it.

##REAL comparison between Alpha 5 & Alpha 6
Official Comparison between Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 (Google Drive)


#In-game quick example
This tool does not modify anything in your game directory. I’ve done it manually for demonstration.

The tool will notify you if a new version is available
If you run for the first time and a windows firewall alert popups, hit ‘allow access’. Actually, even if you cancel the app will run normally I believe)

Run stranslation.exe

#Git Repository (source code)


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Added Git Repository and Download links

Alpha 6 has arrived. Here’s a Comparison between Alpha 5 & Alpha 6:
Official Comparison between Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 (Google Drive)

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