Dutch Translation!

I have been working on a Dutch translation of the game. I started it and after 5 hours I found out how big of an job it is!

I have the .json file where I started. If someone wants to help me, please.

The problem is that i have the translation file , but I do not know how to open it in stonehearth.

So, if there is an fallow Dutchman who can help me, please contact and help me to translate and grammar check. If there is an fallow translator who can help me with the modding problem I have, also please send me a massage or send me an email : thijstang@gmail.com .


Dutrch.rar (15.6 KB)

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Your file should be named like this:
2 first letters are lowercase and are the language code, the 2 other letters should be uppercase and is the country code.

Then you need to create a proper mod to this file. Take a look the example mod GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_locale: Example mod of adding a new language to stonehearth.


at first here is an old post of me for the first steps into translaition First Steps for Translation

your code should be nl-BE (Dutch - Belgium) or nl-NL (Dutch - Netherlands) ^^

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