Tkh's Translation Helper program (downloadable)


Ok, I could spend a few minutes on it, I just changed so forward slash is changed into its HTML version: ⁄

I don’t know if this is a good solution in the game… but it looks ok when working with the files. See screenshot below. User will only se normal forward slash, but saved file is HTML.


Ok, whatever, I’ll skip the personal testing… I won’t find much in the little time I can spent tonight anyway.

This is version 0.5.1, it contains fix for special characters such as " and /. They are displayed correctly in the program, but saved in HTML format.

Download here and continue your work! :smile:
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I will test it when im Home :wink:


Ok, I have used the tool now and then, opening a saved file and continuing my work where I left off, and everything seems to work fine and is correctly displayed.

I also used the exported file in the game with the locale mod and it looks fine ingame as well. At the moment I have no issues to fix (since " are saved as html now), so as far as I know this program is ok to use and can be trusted :smile:

todo: Clean up the tool a little (hide inactive functions), update first post and create a new and updated user guide based on the a12 layout.


Anyone using this program at all these days?

Anyway, I’ve used it lately, and it bugged me how slow it was to open files. So I took care of that now! :smile: It took 15 seconds to open the translation file, but after some optimizations on the autosize function I am now down to 3 seconds. It can probably be faster, but it’s not as critical anymore. Well, open a file can be instant (like 250ms) if I turn autosize off completely, but since it takes longer to adjust columns manually the 3 seconds is still quite ok.

I have also added a Reset button. This will reset the translation (on selected row) to the original again. So if a field is empty or you’re not happy with the translation, a click on that button will copy the english text to the translation cell and mark it as yellow as a reminder. It has actually been useful for me.

Feel free to give it a go and file some bug reports if you find anything bad! :blush:

Download: - link/file in first post -


I have made an updated video guide of how to use the program and how to implement the finished translation mod. The top post is updated with the new video. Hope you’ll enjoy it :blush:



  • I want to increase export Excel file

  • Increase the capacity of replacement text

  • On the left side to increase number of lines

  • ent…

@tkh @Wiese2007


Good to get some more feedback. But please explain more how you mean and why you need those functions.

  • Excel - Why do you need this? :wink:
  • Capacity of replacement text, I don’t understand… you need more space in the box, make the window wider or what?
  • Number of lines on left side, do you need more lines than the amount of tags in the original file?


number of lines; i think he means that he wants to add some own lines (for example the loadingtextes and tips can be make own and more)
excel dont ask me … i have never need this ^^
and replacement text … also no idea ^^

little tip: becareful his english is not the best so better ask twice if you are unsure xD

  1. I’d prefer to have Excel to sort out names for better catergorizing.
  2. As to exchange feature, well it’s always easy to be able to exchange same words in one try.(When it comes to the UI is too small to hold all the buttons, you could put an unfold button there and thus making UI tidy)
  3. While showing line numbers allows explicit expression when telling others the location, it’ll be also be fast and accurate to find the designated sentence.


for 3
I mean, literally, showing the number that certain line belongs to, for accuracy in locating it


Hi @tkh, i have tried to translate it into Netherlands but everything doesnt work for me :frowning:

  1. I will probably not make some Excel export functions… But it wouldn’t be too hard to make a different export function since data is sorted and ready. In what format would you like to have it? I mean how would it be structured? Not saying I will, just want to understand how you would like the data to be exported. There are good functions to sort and handle text in Excel, perhaps you have everything you need already?

  2. I still don’t understand, how can the UI be too small? You can change the size of the main window and all the width of all columns…

  3. That could be a useful function, I’ll think about it! Might be hard to change now due to how we’re using the datagridview… but not impossible…


Sorry to hear it’s not working well for you, but you have to provide a lot more info and screenshots/files so we can try to help…


1.About Excel export, I just need a simple function sufficient as pictures show


Ok, it shouldn’t be that hard I think… .I’ll look into it.


Hi, I’m new here.

First of all, thanks for the tool.:grin:
I’ve just started on traditional Chinese translations recently, and it’s quite awesome to have a tool there to help you out.

But there’s a small problem that bothers me.:sweat:
I can type Chinese in the tool and can save the file successfully, which means, this tool supports full width characters.

BUT, if I type a comma(,) in full width (,), the characters before the comma will disappear after saving the file.

For example:

Look at the 1st line, I type a full-width comma and a following string “123”.
Then, I save the file and reopen it.

After opening the file, the 1st line of the translated text before the comma (including the comma) is gone.:worried:

But if I open the file with a plain text editor, the texts are there.

This happens all the time when I try to type a full-width punctuation like ,, !, 。, ?, etc.

Also, I have a suggestion here.

  • A counter of untranslated texts (yellow background + orange background)

This can be useful when you want to know your translation progress.
But the original text and the translated text might be the same in some languages, so it may need a check box, or something else, before each line to let the user decide if this line is translated or not. Just a suggestion.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Again, thanks for your contributions.:thumbsup:


Thanks for the bug report, I haven’t heard about this problem before. And to be honest, I have not heard of anyone using full width symbols either. It seems to be a problem when reading the text and put it in the text boxes, but why? I have no idea :confused:

For the time being, is it ok to use normal commas with a spacing after? It seems like everyone else is doing that since no one else have said anything. I will try to look into it, but can’t promise anything.

Regarding this suggestion, I have today a counter of “critical” lines. That means orange lines. This should mean that if this number is zero, at least you have a translation on every row. Same or different. For me, I think this is enough… But I can see the purpose of also counting yellow and have a checkbox to toggle “both” or “only critical”. Maybe! It shouldn’t be too hard since I already have one counter.


Thank you for the reply.

To avoid that problem, I will use half-width symbols to finish my translation. Then replace them using the plain text editor when I finish the work. :wink:

Btw, I think you might misunderstand the meaning of the check box. What I want to say is that the user can decide which yellow line can be excluded from the counter.

I believe this tool is going to be better and better.
Cheers. :tada:


Thanks for the program! Can you add “fill remaining spaces with Rst” ? And what language are you using?