Feedback from the translation team(s)

Ok, the translation team is perhaps only me, I don’t know how the progress is for other languages, but the Swedish translation (as of today) is roughly 95% finished. I’m trying to check the new releases and translate the new tags as often as I make time. Normally, a new release include just a handfull of new tags or changes, so doing it often is for the most time quick and easy. However, some feedback to Team Radiant from us (me?) who tries to translate it:

I know @sdee has “promised” me to get rid of this before, but… I can still see text formatting tags within the text. And it is not only the old ones, we got some new in the house building updates. I’m not fond of it at all :wink: Examples:

This one is not a big problem (like the mess above ;))…

…but in ~5 other places, it looks like this:

Ok, next up. How to split text in different blocks. This could work well for a language like English. And perhaps for others as well. But when you force us to do like this:

…it might be tricky to translate. Perhaps this one is not a big problem to translate to Swedish (I don’t know for other languages), but if possible, try to avoid it. Since different languages build sentences in different ways than English. It is also done in:

…but should be easy enough for most. If you keep doing this, please keep it as simple as humanly possible.

One last and minor thing (for now): changing text. Of course this is needed, and I check for changes every time I start with a new file, but if possible try to avoid planned text changes. The reason for saying this is:

"plains_1" : "Plains", "plains_2" : "Plains", "foothills_1" : "Foothills", "foothills_2" : "Foothills", "mountains_1" : "Mountains", "mountains_2" : "Mountains", "mountains_3" : "Mountains", "mountains_4" : "Mountain Peak", "mountains_5" : "Mountain Peak", "mountains_6" : "Mountain Peak", "mountains_7" : "Mountain Peak",
Perhaps you have some other uses of the different types of mountains (like resources hidden within?), but still want the name to be the same? I don’t know. But from a text point of view it feels like these will either disappear or get new names. If you would change the name for “mountains_6” to “Snowy Mountain”, it might be easy to miss.

Ok, that’s all for now. Thank you and have a good day :smile:


hey there @tkh… I believe I (mostly) grasped the issue you’re contending with… but I really just wanted to say “thanks” for all the translation efforts! :+1:


“Issues”. There were three issues in last post :wink: But seriously, it is fun to contribute to something I burn for - in a an area where I feel I can make a difference. And if I can improve my language and programming skills while doing so - hey, that’s a win-win. And, how fun is it to know things & create things - if they are kept hidden from the world…? - “All we are is what we leave behind.” :blush:

Number of the day: 337
This is how many tags there are in the localization file.


Hey @tkh, thanks for the feedback!

We are still cleaning the UI. :wink: Regarding these though:

  The __descriptor__ __noun__ of
"promote_scroll_text_2": "this day of, __date__",

Everything preceeded/followed by underscores are actually variable names. So if you needed to translate these sentences, don’t translate descriptor, noun, or date. Just move them around to the correct part of the sentence for that language. For example, in a language where adjectives come after nouns (like spanish) the first sentence might be:

El __noun__ __descriptor__ de 

We still need a more complete solution that will specify articles so they match their nouns; that’s coming but no time soon T__T.


Thanks a lot for the reply @sdee!

Yeah, I got the part with not translating the text between the __'s (they can be found around the graphics card stuff as well…). But actually didn’t think of just moving them around to fit the translation. In any way, it is still tricky. In your example to Spanish, you can’t always use “El”, sometimes you need “La” instead (as you probably know). To make it work, one has to put the “el” or “la” within the __'s together with the noun. It might work fine, unless you’ll use the noun in another place, where it’s not supposed to be in that form.

In Swedish, it is different to both English and Spanish. (Swedish lesson incoming! :smile: ).

English: An apple - The apple Swedish: Ett äpple - Äpplet
Now, in English, “apple” can be used in both cases, but not in Swedish (and probably a lot of other languages as well). In Spanish… well, I’ll leave that to those who know it, it has been 15 years ago I touched it last time…

Not saying it’s not possible, but could be tricky depending on how it’s implemented, so be careful :smile:


Yeah, we definitely still need to write a service that takes words and allows us to assign them plural versions, articled’ versions, etc. This first came up when I was doing the trader bulletins: Would you like a twelve oak log(s)?

Thanks for the swedish perspective too; it’s super helpful :slight_smile:


little question to the line The descriptor noun of - should this show what level your settlement (village, town etc.) and score (Wretched, Fair etc.)it has?

and another question: when i change the description in stonehearth\jobs\weaver\recipes\ for examples in banner_wall_big_recipe.json - it doesnt effect the ingame discription? the normal weaver_discription.json changes the most of the Ingame informations? ^^ must i change something also that the “new” informations will be shown?

and i cant find a way to change the jobnames in the discription left bottom xD

@sdee can you help me? :flushed:

Yes, the goal of this line is to show something like: The Fair Kingdom of Heartvale. We still need to handle articles T__T, sorry. It’s low on the list relative to the other things.

when i change the description in stonehearth\jobs\weaver\recipes\ for examples in banner_wall_big_recipe.json

Changing banner_wall_big_recipe.json should change the description in the weaver’s crafting window, but not in the game. That description should be in banner_wall_big_ghost.json

and i cant find a way to change the jobnames in the discription left bottom xD

Do you mean in the job selection UI? Tom is still changing this screen around, so let’s wait till he’s done. Or do you mean in the regular unit description? If this is the case, I’m not sure off the top of my head where that text is sourced, but it’s probably a bug. File one here on the discourse so we’ll remember it?

thx ^^ the first with the descriptor i have resolved :wink: so its shows this now perfect in an german sentence (and its still changeable)^^

for the second … hmmm i have retry it with the carpenter and now its shows it … ok i try all again :wink: -

for the third …ok the issue is resolved ^^ i have manualy add “job_id”: “worker” in the discription and now it works :smiley: the last issue is the apprentice title ^^ i dont find him xD -> ok i think i have found it - i will test it later after sleeping (its now 4 am here xD)

edit: @sdee the receipe for the weaver - bolt_of_cloth_recipe.json is an duplicate of cloth_bolt with no entitie and the discription in the entities for the wooden diamand window is the wrong one :wink: also is the discription for the weaver workshop 1 wood resouce and 1 thread resouce? thread is wrong there must be fiber resource

AND i have finished the translation :smiley: Its now ALL (exclude the news from the Luacs) in German

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@sdee next bug: in the carpenter receipe for the mason chisel the flavour was forgetten - so the system doesnt change this information if you change the item in the carfting menü ^^
the next: the overwritefunction doesnt set the saved game at the first place - so the continefunction in the mainmenü dont use it ^^
and the next :wink: perhaps its better when the scaffolding has a letter on each side - resolve: i have set an ladder manually on the other side

PL team here.

… and we have some problems called litterally: Ą, Ć, Ę, Ł, Ń, Ś, Ź and Ż. Polish special characters.

Current version of main menu:

Examples: Wznów, Królestwo, Wyjście etc.

already known :wink: Add the three extra letters from the Norwegian alphabet to the font

because of this i write at the moment words without umlaut äöüß ^^ problem the font must accept this signs and this costs mony (from 400 - 2500 euro) if they want an font who only can use the mainsign from 33 languages - i think they will make later languagepacks with own fontsystems^^

One member of our team, called @Logout400, made a temporary solution.

He… edited the fonts and added the required characters. . Preview below :smiley:

There are only two minor problems:

  • Licence
  • Someone who will make all the latin-ext chars

[Link to the font used in Stonehearth][1], I see some special characters out there, also umlauts.
[1]: Grobold Font |

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hmmm for the translation teams it would be great when you have an list which files you have changed - i have checked all files manually if there are new lines/changes or are there new files ^^

@Logout400 here is a list with the all files where translations can be make Translation2193

@Wiese2007 the problem is, what if Radiant changes / adds / removes something in those files. You’ll have to translate them over, and over again. I wish they made a small program which would allow the translation teams to start working, beacause the game is getting bigger and bigger, and there is a lot of lines to translate already.

because of this i made this txt with all lines :wink: i try to hold it actuall - and because of a programm - there is someone who build one :wink: TKH

The List was for him :wink: if he can make to add unzipp and rezipp it should not to prob to set which lines from which files should be load and show for quickedit :wink:

and i have found an programm who compare the entries - but for one person this is lots of work everytime (this programm can only check 1 file not all known) ^^

ok i have an tool who check the complete folder and shows changes - sooooo if you save your translated stonehearth folder somewhere you can easy compare the old and the new stonehearth folder and then check the files which was changed

so you can easy find new entries :smiley:

Good thing, especially when there are so many files. Haven’t checked it, but will keep it in mind! :smile: