Tkh's Translation Helper program (downloadable)

Will check and report back soon.

I saw your newtonsoft library XD i was also working with that lib.

Cool, thanks! :+1:

Yeah, it seems to be the most recommended library for working with JSON. But I haven’t found a good way to convert the old export to use this lib instead. Yet.

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It works well for me.

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Ok, good start, thanks :+1:

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There is hope after all, I just managed to implement the save function as well - using the lib. The XML library is totally removed! So I will re-package and test the 0.7.1 release a bit more before releasing it. So far the testing looks good and it can handle all characters I’ve tried so far. Only escaping " and \ as far as I know.

Will be back with the new release in a day or six :wink:

By the way, any use of HTML export mode now? I have disabled it for the time being since we should not need it when using the new library.


It’s funny how small things just keep popping up :slight_smile: One thing led to another (like empty strings in the original file, I wasn’t prepared for that) and now I have a new rule:

If a key/value pair is removed from the original file (it happens every now and then) and you open a translation file; it means that the tag can’t be matched to an existing tag. Before I just added them in the bottom and I think I didn’t save them. Or did I? Anyway, now they don’t even show up. A note is added to the log and I’ll consider a popup (similar to doublets warning) to notify you of this.

This means that the tag name/paths in the first column will be from the “original file” and nothing more should be added there, and the saved file will use that column and build the new file from that exact structure. I think this is the most correct way of doing it.

Since the new alpha (24) was released today I feel that I have to put out a new release as well. Please use the new version and get started translating! According to my program the Stonehearth/en.json file now has 7500 rows that needs your attention! :scream:

Please check the first/top post for a download link so I only need to update one post at a time.

I have done some testing and things look good so far, for example, if I open a file, click “reset all” (fill all translation blanks with a copy of the original file), the saved file is identical to the original.

edit: please save often and do a few double checks now in the beginning until we know it’s stable and so on.

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New release (0.7.2)

  • Re-implemented the function to search for duplicates (it has been disabled for some time). Can only occur if the original file has some errors (because it shouldn’t happen). Files saved by the program will not save duplicates. It’s a bit slow so I’m considering removing it again. 7500 tags takes 0.7s to check on my laptop.
  • General code cleanup, comments and stuff

Download in the first post:


So since Stonehearth is released I guess things won’t change much after this. I hope you all have used this program for some time now, and that it works, because I get no bug reports.

Are there any features missing? Otherwise I’ll just do some cleanup and then release the program as 1.0 as well. Code is already on GitHub as you know.


Hi, first thank you for this tool :slight_smile:
i have a stupid question, the files in Stonehearth\locales\ are a .pak files now (long time i didnt play with Stonehearth :wink: ) how open / extract this .pak files for use the .json files with your tool ?

Look at this guide written by @Wiese2007, I think it’s still valid with the current releases.

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I’m not talking about mods localization files (is allways .json files) but Stonehearth localization files in Stonehearth\locales\ (here are .pak files and I don’t know how to open it)

@Erazil, you don’t need those .pak files for translating. The game IS a mod. So you only need the en.json files, they’re the actual localization files and contain all the strings from the game.

So rename the stonehearth.smod to, extract it, and inside you’ll find another locales folder with the en.json file.

Not sure if we need those .pak, they seem to be dated from 2017, they might not be used anywhere, unless the i18n framework that we use needs them :thinking: I’ll have to ask.

Oh ok thx for the explain, i have buy the game the November 27, 2013 and i don’t remember have see the pak files, by discovering them when I returned to stonehearth (after several years of patience;)) I asked myself a lot of questions… apparently too many questions since the solution was much easier :).

Thanks to both of you for the time you took to help me with my stupid question ;).

No problem, hope you’ll get it working now :slight_smile:

the pakfiles are there since the first release :wink: like i know its only contains startinfos for the systems ^^

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@tkh : yes thanks you
@Wiese2007 : with age memory doesn’t improve… thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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Hey @tkh I saw in your video showcase that you almost finished the Swedish translation. I’m working on the Swedish translation for the ACE project and it would be grand to have the base game nailed already.

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Hey! To be honest, I thought I was on good pace with the base game but I never got around to finish it at that time. Later I tried to pick it up but noticed the huge amount of new things to translate, and in addition to that SO much of the original work was changed (mostly minor changes, but still).

Invited you to the Swedish translation discussion group, let’s talk there instead.

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