[Time's Up!] L4D2 for free on Steam

Hey all and Merry Christmas. It seems Gaben Claus is visiting and giving Santa a run for his money. L4D2 is free on steam today, get it while you can. :slight_smile: Have fun today, enjoy family, and be merry.

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Thank you for telling me…

when I’m away from my house and can’t access a good PC.


(BTW, the correct topic for this is Other Games. Quickly, change it before the great and mighty @SteveAdamo use the cage on you!)

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Thanks for telling me! free games praise lord gaben

Yes, someone already told me this, but the store is having heavy load right now, it’s inaccesible. :laughing:
Well, I don’t really like zombie games anyway and it wouldn’t run on my laptop.

too late… category is changed, and @Crobo is wasting away in said cage…

on a related note (about Steam that is), what happens when you have to either a) format your hard-drive or b) get a new primary PC? is it simple enough to re-install steam, and your associated library?

i’ll go ask Google, but thought i’d see what our lovely community has experienced… :smile:

I tried to save you, Crobo…

I tried.

I experienced google :smiley:

Authorizing a Steam Account on a New Computer
How do I authorize my account on a new computer?
In order to authorize your account on a new computer, you will need to enter in a verification code that is sent to the email address registered to your Steam account.
If you are unable to access the email address on the account, please see the Changing the Contact Email for a Steam account FAQ.
If you no longer have access to your other computer or your email address, please contact Steam Support.

You just re-install steam and download your games. Same as if you were using a secondary computer. You just can’t have the same steam account active on two PCs. Games are bound to your account not to the machine. So if you went to your friends place you could log in dl your game, but your friend would not have access unless logged in on your account. It also saves your preferences to the cloud. So if you play TF2 on your friends PC all your bindings will be set from the start, then when he logs in to play on his own his bindings will switch automatically to his.

The most important thing is your account. The downside to this is if banned you lose your whole account. Since we purchase licenses on Steam and actually do not OWN the game we would lose our account with nothing to show for any of those games. Take the light with the dark ;). Just don’t break rules I suppose lol.

It was a quick thread I created, I forgot to set the topic. I’m sure @SteveAdamo understands this one case :stuck_out_tongue:

your assistance with my Steam query has prevented me from unleashing my full wrath…


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Hmm steam is down indeed. How do I get those free useless cards now to sell them for monies?? :grin:

man, i was going to grab Deus Ex Human Revolution: Directors Cut too… :cry:

along with some L4D2, since its free and all… :smile:

Wait… is L4D2 plsyable just today, or you can get L4D2 today and have it with no charge forever?

Highly recommended.

Free of charge forever. Just like when they gave away Portal when the Mac portion of steam launched.

If the store ever unbreaks :stuck_out_tongue:

Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam is a direct link to the store page and less likely to break.

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thanks! but it looks like Steam is back up… im not downloading the game, but its now registered in my library… :+1:

It seems (seems) like the Store is currently up again, so grab 'em while they’re fresh!

Woo-hoo! I downloaded Steam and made an account, and then downloaded L4D2!

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In that case, add me at Man_Of_Ret and let’s get gaming (tomorrow)!

Ok, but the Wi-Fi is down and I don’t think the old PC I am using right now wouldn’t handle the games.

But, the good news is that the Wi-Fi will be fixed tomorrow.