Contagion - Kickstarter Starting 13th September

Rounding up my splurge of Zombie posts is Contagion.

I stumbled across it last night and thought I would share it with you lovely lot.

They will be starting a Kickstarter on the 13th to fund the final stages of development - read about that here.

And check out this video from the above link :smile:


really @Geoffers747… there’s more to life than killing zombies… not much, but there is more, i assure you…

ahh, who am i kidding… :astonished:


I have been following this game for a while if any of you guys have heard about the half life 2 mod zombie panic source. This is going to be the sequel/stand alone version.

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This kinda just looks like L4D2, just made by an indie team, or am I missing something?

Well it does use the Source engine …

Well yeah that too, and the fact that it has the same gameplay type deal where it’s endless hordes of zombies :confused:

Yep, in L4D you fight other survivors, scavenge supplies to build defenses, and die in a few hits.

The game looks amazing. Watch the whole trailer before you start spouting about how its a clone of something. You can have an opinion, but there is only one scene where they fight a large amount of zombies, most of the time they are shooting small amounts or using tools for different things.

I seemed to have watched a different trailer, I went to their youtube channel and watched a 4 minute video from last year, that seems to have been the case on why it seems like a clone, all they did was shoot zombies for 4 minutes, but looking @ the trailer that is up there it is different from what I originally thought. I’ll still be purchasing it though. Love mah zombie indies.


The thirteenth happens to be on a friday, i think they planned it like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Geoffers, I really hope that you plan on getting this as well. I’ve always wanted to see what British brains looked like… XD

a lot like American brains… just more pompous…

wait for it



waited for it

:monkey: :steveadamo:

Aww, darn it. I think there should be a little boy on a bike emote (a la steve) and a ret emote. I don’t know what that would look like though. And the Geoffers emote could be a sandwich. I don’t know why, but whenever I say Geoffers, as in Joffers Geoffers, not Jeffers Geoffers, I somehow think of a sandwich.

Some one is hungry, this isn’t the time nor place for food, this is WAR.


i felt bad starting yet another thread for yet another KS game… so, im hijacking @Geoffers747 zombie thread to point folks towards Undead Overlord!

in a nutshell, its trying for a Dungeon Keeper approach to controlling a zombie horde, and wiping out the masses… fun for the whole family! :+1: