ThoroughbredFun's buildings and stuff!

This is where I’m going to put buildings that i am particularly proud of or just have really great functionality.

The first build that I am going to start off is my farming/cooking/eating building designed, as a Whitecastle of course, to accommodate all the needs of food your hearthlings could ever need! :jubilant:
Room for a very large farm
Sleeping for farmers and cooks
Cooking stations
Plenty of tabled and chairs for your hearthlings to eat
Plenty of storage for food and ingredients

Download for Whitecastle
(note the chests will be messed up if you rotate this building, just make sure to delete and replace them in the building edit mode)

BUILD 2 :jubilant:
The comfortable house
A sleek smooth design that contains one bed,table, and chair.

Download for comfortable house

Pool mine entrance
Just a fun little entrance to a mine.

Download for Pool mine entrance
(for continuing the stairs down in the middle use the pattern of browns in the stone tab)

Storage Silo medium
Mass vertical storage.
I chose to put stone chests in mine, you can chose whatever you want to have in it.
PLACE A LADDER in the 1x1 hole on on the side!

Download for the Silo

Basic house 1
Just a simple house with a chest and bed (room for workshop if you want one)

Download link

Potters abode
A fully decked out weavers crafting area!

Download link
(you need to place a ladder to the lower roof to get the 3 windows built)


Hey @ThoroughbredFun I’m glad you’ve taken the time to share your builds with us.

Also may I give you a slightly late welcome to the discourse?

Your build is a great start, I especially like how you designed the structure with functionality in mind.

If I could give some constructive criticism for future builds I would recommend creating a more related above ground and below ground portion of the build. For example if you look at the two pictures you posted independently you would never know that are the same structure.

In the current stonehearth engine it is difficult to fully deal with this problem, however some basic tips are as follows.

Build the entire build with a theme that carries through to the underground.

Build the underground roughly the same size as the rest off the build to give symmetry.

Create clearly distinguishable stairs and/or ladders to connect the above to the below.

I hope this helps, and I look forward to seeing more creations the future.


Added the comfortable house!

Added the Pool mine entrance.

I just realized the stairs didnt save as part of the same building…
why cant it just connect lol, well i will edit the save file soon.

added the medium storage silo, will add a small and large if demanded.

Whitecastle eh? Do I detect a fellow midwesterner?

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Added the basic house 1

Added the Weavers abode.