The Trappers Knife: 2Expensive4Me

There is an item in the world of Stonehearth that is super expensive. This item is the trappers knife. I believe the price should be lowered to about 100 gold, considering how you could get three classes using your starting gold (Weaver, Footman, Farmer) or one trapper. This is way to much.
I know the trapper is important since it leads to the Shepherd and such, but for 150 pieces of gold?! Heck no! I’ll just make my own!
This is a short little plead to Team Radiant to lower the price of this “super” trappers knife. Thank you for reading!
Zilla is out, yo!

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I find its a good price. it gives you a good jump start for getting food right off the bat


Did you just disagree with ME?!

Nah, I’m just kidding. Yeah, I can see your point

I will have to agree with @Fralee here…sorry @Zilla. The trapper’s knife IS and expensive item. To get one in the game, first you need a level one carpenter to make a Mason’s chisel and hammer. This takes at least 3 wood and one stone to do so (need a workbench, need to make an object to level up, then the chisel/hammer). Next, you need a blacksmith’s hammer made by a level 3 mason. This takes a significant stone investment to do so, and the hammer requires copper ore. Finally, once you have blacksmith, you need to level it up to 4 in order to make the steel bar required. All in all, this is multiple days work, even if you assume that crafting is all you are doing, and every other Hearthling is getting the materials needed. So, long story short (too late), 150 is perfectly reasonable. All 3 other tools can be made nearly instantly at the start of a new game…you just need 4 wood and one fiber, which can be found easily on the map (without digging for iron and more…)


Where is that gif again?
Yeah, you guys are probably right

I think it’ll help to have more options at the beginning to flesh out and justify expedition costs. I certainly agree that it’s a little shocking when you have four items available, and you have the option to:

  • spend your money on three different items
  • spend it on ONE, with no leftover cash; it’s worth all three other items

I actually hope that the expedition cost might be changeable in the future, depending on game rules or even who you settle with and where–I could see Raya’s Children starting out with more money, since they emphasize trading.

Heck, maybe it could even be like One Way Heroics, where you unlock additional purchasable items through playthroughs and events.


I remember reading it in a post awhile back, talking about being able to “pack up” and move to a new location. I could see that affecting your starting cash quite a lot.

Another sandbox style game I have played is Prison Architect. That uses an interesting system for money. You start a game with a certain amount of money, and work to build a prison. Eventually, you might find that you want to start anew, and it has the option to “sell” your prison. Selling your prison gives you a certain amount of cash, and after you pay back any outstanding obligations, you get your current cash reserves plus the sale income and get to start a new map. That allows you to build bigger prisons, and you can repeat this cycle as many times as you like. The game is just a bit different from Stonehearth, but I feel the example sorta fits…

I think the trapper’s knife is the best in-game item as @jomaxro had mentioned allowing you to get right into the game with food. You just need a low stats worker upgraded to trapper and off he goes (properly placed traps instead of all over the place). Save the better stats for other important positions.

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I agree with @Zilla, but mostly because if the knife costed 100, it would allow more variety than two options (trappers knife or the other three).

You do have more than two options, though. You can save 50 or 100 or even 150 gold.

Now, hear me out on this one: what if the trapper's knife costed somewhere between 100 and 150 gold? It's still more expensive and you can't get any other class tools, but you get a bit more than just the knife. If the shop ever expanded, this would let you possibly get other, cheaper items instead of spending all your money for the knife.

You guys are worried about a trapper and here I am starting out with just a carpenter.


Well, to put some value on the Trapper’s knife… i’m at 15 Hearthlings at the moment with only using the trapper’s knife and a single berry bush group of 4 (Which i rarely pick).

  • Trapper alone brings in enough food to sustain you for a long while
  • Trapper pelts have made me 500+ gold to spend on buying nice beds, nice worker outfits, and hard to find minerals. (Without needing to sell anything other than the pelts)

Those two things alone has made the knife FAR more valuable than any other tool. Not too mention that the trapper is very “Fire and Forget” Set up two decent sized zones and let him fly.

Looking down the road, he’ll be able to catch even larger prey? Yeah, it’s hard to pass up on the knife imo. I think the price works for me. Though i wouldn’t be opposed to them adding MORE gold to spend on smaller things (starting food, minerals, bolts of cloth)


to add even further to what @Solus said, the trapper can also be really good early game militia if you make sure they have the right stats, and dont feel like promoting all your hearthlings right off the bat.


Haha same here, I never spend the money. This helps lead to getting an early settler.