[Con] The Trapper's Knife Text; Mason or Smith Created?

Something to note, the Trapper’s Knife states that it is made with bone by the mason. However, the recent video demoing the Snith indicated that the Trapper Knife is to be made by smiths.

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The best solution, IMO, is making a bone Trapper’s Knife be crafted by the Mason, while the Smith can craft a slightly superior [as in animal-cutting speed?] metal Trapper’s Knife.

No need to change everything on loyal players, and an excuse to add an item.

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Not sure that this topic goes under bugs, but I’m not entirely sure where it goes actually, just at this minute…

Suggestions? Development?

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I’d say if we’re talking about the UI description, it’s a bug or error. If we’re discussing who should actually get it, I’d say Suggestions. Maybe Bugs just to address the issue, then Suggestions after that–either way, it should likely get resolved soon. I’d say Bugs is fine.


With the Blacksmith released, this bug is still there.

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agreed… and [tagged]

thanks for the confirmations folks!

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Why would a mason make a knife? Surely some other craftsman would be more suited? Maybe workers could be able to make such simple things; they could sit down and carve something.