The Stonehearth Parable

This would be the absolute best mod I can think of for this game.

You would be able to control Stanley, a voxelized human being, who only played Stonehearth in it’s very early alpha stage. Almost nothing was implemented in the game yet, so all of his co-workers wondered how he could enjoy doing the same basic things over and over again. But one fateful day, all of his co-workers had disappeared; what could it mean?

The mod would basically be a third-person, voxelized version of The Stanley Parable. There would have to be a fog-of-war system, so you couldn’t see past each room that you are currently in, in the third-person view.

Anyone else like the idea?

I like the idea as long as someone else makes it, It is a good idea and all but really I dont think it will be made for a while.

It is pretty complex. I wonder if Radiant will release “mods” or spinoffs off of the base game. Like the Screecher mod for Don’t Starve was from the developers of the original game.

i would just like to interject, that the Stanley Parable is one of the … oddest games i’ve ever had the pleasure of watching in an LP… :smile:

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Would you please enlighten me on what an LP is?

LP is Let’s Play. i think this would be better not as a mod but a spinoff game