[MOD] Water Mod

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Please be aware that the mod is a spoiler on features yet-to-come and as such is based on code that may change from one update to the next. Enjoy at your own risk! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sweet lol, nice work. How hard was this overall to make?

Holy *#£@. That’s pretty awesome work, especially given that Tom indicated they were having a lot of difficulties, and especially especially since you’re just one guy without the backup of a team of 6.

I also seem to recall Tom mentioning hiring someone on the spot if they managed to work water into the game… :wink:


That’s some really fancy work!
keep it up!

Tom sed if i remember… “if a you manage to get the water doen, we should be hiring you” or… something like that,
in a pretty skeptical way like he didn’t think that anyone would make it Actually happen

witch leads to the Question, Will Tom ‘Actually’ hire him?


Well, no, it was a joke.

But who knows, maybe Tom & co will really like what they see and will incorporate some of @chessmaster42 's stuff. (Or maybe they’re actually far further ahead than this; who knows)


Great work! I’m eager to take a look at your code and see what you had to do to make this work.
In the meantime, a screenshot doesn’t quite do it justice.

[Edit: While anyone can still run this mod, in an effort to respect @Tom’s request that we restrain ourselves from exposing in-development features, I’ve removed this GIF]


OP, this is seriously good!

Back when Don’t Starve was in development I was a forum moderator (and prolific mod maker) and quite often someone would come up with a mod so good that the devs (getting permission) would fold it into the game proper. This appears to be such a mod. Certainly, they might collaborate with you and have your name in the credits somewhere.


@micheal_handy76_mh This mod is just asking you to make Pirates Bay again!


@chessmaster42 How much of this did you write yourself? From looking through your code and what’s available currently in the stonehearth mod…it seems like you wrote quite a bit.

All I could find that already existed were a couple components, the renderer (which you seem to have changed), and the hydrology services. I couldn’t find springs or sinkholes so those seem to be your own invention.


Jesus, if this is a mod made in 2 days, what would happen if i was make in more time with more help?

God Water really need to come soon


I … ughhh… fumbles for the correct words to use in reply

I think there is really only one response I can give here… glances at @chessmaster42’s new title

richly deserved my friend… richly deserved indeed… :smile: :+1:

paging @sdee! you have got to take a look at this Stephanie… :smiley:


wow This is awesome!

This is ridiculously great work. Nice job! I hope that this can help Team Radiant out in some shape or form.

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Lol, I was attempting again with this build. Was mining out a big section to get it ready was going to build a big build with a flat blue roof to stand in as water. But now i see this i might just DLed this to attempt it.


Wow! Not only did you single-handedly write a whole new feature into the game, but you even made it… colorful!!! :smiley:


wow… my ind has just been blown! :open_mouth:
you sir a certainly a genius to have created a mod that adds water :clap:

a quite well deserved title!

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This raises the question: is there a nicer way to dig up single blocks, other than building and cancelling streets/floors? Because obviously this is completely required now! ^^


I tired to do this

Added the line “enable_debug_keys” : true to my user but now the game crashes

@chessmaster42 first of all great job, second @tom promised that he would give “the person who would finish the water code a job” i’m pretty sure he was joking, but still you certainly did what he said. Get ready to fly to California :wink:


I want to say great job also, in honor of you for Pirates Bay, I will build a Statue of Chessmaster42 pouring water from a bucket :stuck_out_tongue: hearthling style

Still though can not get my game to run with “enable_debug_keys” : true, when I starts it brings up this. Where in user setting do I add “enable_debug_keys” : true