Port of Pirates Bay .V2 (SPOILERS)

Okay I will try this daunting project, with @chessmaster42 water mod, now that I got it working, This will start slow and be steady.

please Note this is using @chessmaster42 water mod. So in turn, if you do not want to see water action until official release, Do not proceed any further. Thanks :smile:

Having to build the ocean and river first. S yeah gonna take a awhile lol

If I’m doing this I’m doing it right :stuck_out_tongue:


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Dedication to @chessmaster42 for this build. Went ahead and built it. Used his Discourse Profile Icon

Day 27 of the villagers trying to get the ground removed lol


I feel you might be a while.


Pirates bay, is slowly coming, had to get new land due to Build update, then had to revert back but that cool. So Version 3 lol.

8 hours in, I have not put water in, due to the fact I have to get things built. But it’s coming along nicely.

Ocean done :stuck_out_tongue: took the longes

First dock in, and designing the ship

Building the ship, what babysitting to be done.

Walls coming in and still more babysitting lol.

Top ship design, and sails slowly going in.

More on sails, and working the captain quarters

What this looks like so far.

Okay this, I just through this together, a small island with dock a broken boat and another small boat docked, Idk what I’ll put on it, thinking light house or statue lol.


This is going to be so cool when it’s done


Ship #1 done



Yeah, 3 in total, this med sized ship a smaller ship and 1 large ship

@Geoffers747, @SteveAdamo get over here and award this man +1 internet points


hmm do you also use multiple clients? i have mostly 3 clients running while my tests xD


Nice! The diamond windows capture the look of portholes. I might have a surprise for you later to help with future ships…

I can see a ‘SeaHearth’ mod coming out in the distant future, introducing drydocks, foundries, and shipyards. Maybe when we learn more about alternate planes, it could open up a sea plane (not the aircraft!) where you can fight naval battles


Or build a city that floats


if memory serves, I’ve awarded our illustrious builder with many… but a few more certainly couldn’t hurt… :smile:

tosses 5 more points at @micheal_handy76_mh


@micheal_handy76_mh, here:

sails.pdf (36.2 KB)
(Rename tosails.smod’)

Very basic, but I hope it works

Edit: Might want to wait until your build is complete before running this… I don’t how it might affect your savegames!

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Thanks peeps, I tried DLing the sails, say failed lol, that with updated ABR

what ya mean,???multiple clients

sry if i have used the wrong word - i mean 3x stonehearth at the same time :wink:

no, it won’t let me run multi clients